How to Lose Weight with Aloe Vera


  • Why do I have to Get Rid of Excess Weight?
  • How to Lose Weight with Aloe Vera
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According to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization, more than 1.5 billion adults are overweight and at least 400 million are obese, and hence they have a greater risk of numerous diseases.

Myth number 1: to lose weight, the diet is necessary.
New approach – to lose weight, you need the right balanced diet.

Myth number 2: to burn calories – needed exercise.
New approach – exercise are needed to maintain health, but the better fight with excess calories is through a balanced diet.

Win the war against obesity by lifestyle changes.

The modern world is full of comfort, which becomes the cause of excess weight.

Factors that Contribute to Excess Weight

  • development of new technologies, e-mail and phone, which allow you to talk, without leaving the house;
  • traveling for long distances, during which we have to eat “junk food” and late dinner, as well as the tendency of companies to produce more “convenient” food with special ingredients that extend the shelf life, but reduce the value;
  • moreover, the use of in our lives a huge amount of technology and machines significantly reduced the level of physical activity.

According to forecasts of the World Health Organization in 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million – obese. But overweight and obesity lead to serious consequences!

Overweight is one of the major factors in the development of cardiovascular disease, which resulted in deaths every year, 17 million people.

Excess weight leads to diabetes, skeletal – muscular disorders, certain cancers (such as breast cancer and colon). Childhood obesity increases the likelihood of premature death and disability in adulthood.

Studies show that the quality of life and health has improved, even if you manage to lose only 3-5 lbs! That is why it is so important not only to try to reduce your weight, but keep it within the required norm.

Begin your weight loss with the help of drinking aloe vera gel!

how to lose weight with aloe vera drink

How to Lose Weight with Aloe Vera

One advantage of the Aloe Vera is that it can be used for cleaning and for reducing body weight. Since today’s society is on the verge of the obesity epidemic, it is more than ever we need a helper in the form of Aloe Vera. In the past, most of the drugs for weight loss had several drawbacks, they were necessary to alternate with sports and unnatural diets that violate day mode. It was even harder using these drugs to keep his low weight.

More and more people are trying to find a natural medicine alternative ways of losing weight. When scientists combined this desire with no less desire to unravel the popular wisdom, adding medical knowledge, after much research concluded that weight loss is right for Aloe Vera.

  1. Aloe Vera promotes better digestion, which in turn, strengthens the immune system. Aloe vera gel improves the function of the stomach, small intestine and colon, and thus helps to reduce and subsequently, to hold personal BMI. BMI – the value in order to assess the extent to which the mass of the man and his growth and, thus, indirectly, to assess whether the lack of weight, normal or excess (obesity). For example, a person 180 cm tall is considered obese patients if weighs 98 kg and more.
  2. Aloe Vera affects the overweight in several ways, so it can be used by people of different ages. Means containing Aloe Vera, usually stimulate the function of liver cells, which in turn burns more energy. Imagine that each cell is excited and generates more heat, and therefore needs and in more nutrients, which takes it out of the fat cells. In this and the reason for the decline of your BMI. Regular consumption of aloe vera gel and other additives with Aloe vera acts as an exercise in several approaches, and you do not tire your body.
  3. Aloe Vera contains a large amount of the protein collagen, so with taking aloe vera and you will get a dose of protein. Why is this important ? Under normal conditions, the human body can not effectively absorb collagen and its digestibility allocates a lot of energy. It is beneficial for those of us who want to get rid of fat , while preserving muscle tissue and multiply it. Imagine a drug that helps you develop muscles and at the same time to get rid of excessive fat – that such means is Aloe Vera.
  4. Another advantage of Aloe vera is that it reduces the time during which the food is in the stomach. The faster food moves into the intestine, the less time it takes for digestion and receiving unnecessary calories. This helps to lower BMI.
  5. Can be considered the highlight of the ability of Aloe Vera to detoxify the body. Aloe Vera has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and, moreover, it acts against harmful microbes. This is facilitated by the amino acid methionine, serine and threonine, are part of Aloe Vera. They are purified from heavy metals, helps to effectively convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This prevents dangerous fat deposition in the liver and on the walls of arteries. Detoxification helps to improve the function of the colon. Improper operation of the colon manifested by lack of energy, lethargy, breathing problems, acne and bad skin. In today’s fast food diet contains a lot of preservatives and not enough fiber, which contributes to a sluggish bowel habits and penetration of harmful substances in the body. Aloe Vera prevents this.
  6. Last but not least is the ability of Aloe Vera to displace excess water from the cells. This it helps prevent the appearance of kidney stones.
  7. Finally, we would like to emphasize that one of the causes of hair loss is the presence of toxic substances in the small intestine. Aloe Vera helps in detoxification of the small intestine and promotes hair growth.

how to lose weight with aloe vera drinksComponents of Aloe Vera Gel

Hardly any other herb proved activation of our self-healing forces as aloe vera ( aloe vera ). Thus, for the therapeutic action of the plants it is not so important counting of the individual substances, as the perfect combination of more than 200 different substances contained in this plant.

Many leading experts believe that the cause of action of aloe vera ( aloe vera ) is acemannan. This polysaccharide supports the immune system, accelerates tissue repair in wounds, has a positive effect on blood vessels and joints, is good for the intestines , as well as protects from poisons. Studies have shown that acemannan may protect against damage the hereditary substance. Particularly important is the impact of acemannan on our immune system. The fact that sugar affects the formation of interferon and the activity of phagocytes killer cells and antibodies that protect the body from foreign substances and allergenic pathogens. Scientists believe that acemannan included in the membranes of cells and cell nuclei, forms a kind of natural protective wall against foreign substances.

Furthermore acemannan, Aloe vera ( aloe ) contains also other valuable for good health ingredients: lectins, enzymes, amino acids, mineral elements, whose vitamins (Vit), and fatty acids. More in rastenii are many secondary plant substances: essential oils, saponins, steroids, lignins, tannins and organic acids. Some of them are excellent help mobilize the body against pathogens, others protect from poisons or promote digestion. All these substances are considered important AloeVera bearers of hope in the fight against diseases of civilization.

More Information about the Composition of Aloe Vera

It is modern research scientists helped discover more than 100 species important for our human body nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make up the Aloe vera (aloe juice). The most important of them:

  • Lignin – cellulose substance in the gel, it is believed that it facilitates the penetration of the skin Aloe substances.
  • Saponins – soapy substance providing cleaning, different antiseptic qualities.
  • Anthraquinones and derivatives thereof – analgesic agents, in addition to possessing potent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity.


  • Minerals

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Chromium.

  • Vitamins (Vit)

Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Niacinamide ( Niacin ), Choline, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin E.

Vitamins (Vit) A, C and E – are important valuable vitamins (Vit)- antioxidants needed to fight free radicals.

Vitamins (Vit) group, including Choline, essential for energy production and metabolism of amino acids involved in building muscle mass.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cell deficiency leads to anemia. Aloe – a rare plant source of this vitamin.

  • Folic Acid

is important for the development of blood cells, its deficiency leads to anemia.

  • Amino Acids

The human body to maintain good health need a good 22 amino acids, all in addition to 8, are produced by the body itself. The rest, called essential amino acids fall with food and building material together to form proteins. We will not list all the amino acids, we can only say that aloe vera ( aloe ) provides the required 20 of 22 and 7 of the 8 essential.

  • Enzymes

In Aloe vera ( aloe ) found many enzymes, which take part in the breakdown of food and thus excellent help in the digestion process.

  • Sucrose

Aloe vera ( aloe ) contains as monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose, and polysaccharides. It is believed that the various components of these substances are excellent help for arthritis, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, as well as significantly reduce cholesterol, improve liver function, contribute to a healthier bones as promote assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. In concentrated form, they help to cope with intestinal inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The most important of these elements – acemannan, it has the following characteristic properties:

  • plant steroids – important anti-inflammatory agents;
  • salicylic acid, aspirin-like component, which soothes the pain.

There is no doubt that Aloe Vera – a wonderful plant!