How to Lose that Double Chin: several methods


  • Remove a Double Chin by Several Methods
  • How to Lose that Double Chin at Home
  • Effective Massage against Double Chin
  • Other Means against Double Chin

Every woman seeks to beauty and how much of grief the incipient double chin gives to her. Often, this cosmetic defect occurs in plump ladies aged 35-45 years, but can occur in women with normal body weight and even lean. This is due to the weakness of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus or hereditary predisposition.

Remove a Double Chin: Several Methods

  • Surgical – liposuction and tightening of facial skin. Method highly effective, but does not give a lasting effect, since the woman starts to gain weight the chin returns to its place.

  • Salon cosmetic procedure – mesotherapy, special professional massage, vacuum massage, muscle toning, laser facelift. These procedures have a good effect, but often expensive and not every woman can afford them.
  • Homemade mask, facial massage, home exercises for the face. With correct and consistent use gives a good result.

To get rid of chin at home must be met several conditions:

  • Proper Nutrition

Every day eat at least two fruits and vegetables, it will remove the craving for sweet and starchy foods, and replenish the body with vitamins. Do not forget about calcium. Daily dose of at least 1.2 g of calcium in milk and many milk products, cottage cheese. Calcium not only strengthen bones, but also improve the condition and elasticity of the skin.

  • Do not Let yourself Wither

The amount of fluid should be at least half to two liters per day, if there is no tendency to edema and severe kidney disease and heart disease. Water will give the skin elasticity.

  • Less Salt

Salt retains water in the body, but swelling can stretch the muscul and skin.

  • Adequate exercise

Follow the exercises and massage for the face.

Age-related changes reduces the elasticity of skin tissue and atrophy of muscles in the face and neck. The oval of face changes, the double chin appears, also the folds in the neck. If you looked in the mirror and noticed any symptoms of aging, do not worry. With the special exercises you can eliminate or mitigate.

How to Lose that Double Chin at Home

how to lose that double chin

Perform of daily exercises should be in strict sequence and fully. One course is for two or three months, if a half months were visible improvements you can do the exercises three times a week. After completing the course, the break is 1-3 months. With repeated courses, exercises can be done once a week.

  • Before training the muscles of the face and neck clean the skin and lubricate nourishing cream. Take a comfortable position. Try to feel the muscles work. Focus on exercises and do them safely and smoothly, tensing and relaxing the muscles.
  • Take a good posture while sitting, the head fold back. Slide the lower lip on the top and pull it upward. Count to 15, then relax. The first three days do the exercise one time, and then three times, have some rest after exercises.
  • Starting position is the same. Slide the lower lip on the top and count to 15, then the maximum tilt your head back. Return to starting position and relax.
  • Mouth is closed. Tip of the tongue abut into the sky, then move it to the front teeth, support the chin with his left hand. Exercise is repeated changing the hand three times. Count to ten.
  • This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck, improves facial contours. Tilt your head back slightly, pull the lower lip, counting to 15, turn the head to the right, then relax and return to starting position. Perform each exercise three times, turn my head to the right and left.
  • This exercise with resistance. The back of the brush press lightly to the side of the neck. Slowly strain the neck muscles for a count of ten. Then relax the muscles of the neck, keep the hands out.
  • Post-exercise, apply a cold compress on your face, or wash with cold water. Pat the face and neck with a towel, apply a nourishing cream.

Effective Massage against Double Chin

  • Classic Massage

Massage of the chin is performed on the massage lines more energetic, than a facial massage. You can not stretch the skin of a double chin, especially slight tapping fingers gives a good result. The massage movements are made from the middle of the jaw to the edge of the ear. This massage can be performed with the use of honey.

  • Massage by Plucking

It removes double chin quickly, improves facial contours.

1/ It is easy performed by minor plucking from the middle of the chin on the edge of the jaw to the ear. Then the plucking are performed in the same order in the bottom of the chin. Finish the massage by stroking the neck muscles.

2/ If the chin is only started, you can make the following procedure. Fold the cheesecloth into several layers. Dampen a gauze bandage with lemon juice, and tie up your chin for 20-30 minutes. After this time, apply a compress of cold water for 20-30 minutes. Do one month, a day in the evening.

Other Means against Double Chin

remove a double chin

  • Toning Mask

Moisten cloth brine from sauerkraut, and put it on the chin for 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water. The mask has a tonic effect

  • Bath of Lime Blossom

Pour 2 liters pot of boiling water. Add 3 tablespoons of lime color. Cover with top bath towel. Exposure time of 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, wash with cool water and apply to the skin nourishing cream.

  • Lotion for Skin Refreshment
  1. Take one cup of chopped nettle leaves, pour 200 grams of vodka. Infused in a dark place for 14 days.
  2. Take 200 g of cream, beaten egg white, 100 ml of vodka. Mix the juice of one lemon and add one teaspoon of glycerin. Wipe face and neck in the evening before bedtime. Suitable for dry skin.
  • Compresses

One-by-one applications of hot and cold compresses gives a good result. Compresses are applied for three to five minutes, alternately. Compresses can be used the decoctions of herbs: chamomile, mother and stepmother, St. John’s wort, linden blossom.

From the above it follows that only a comprehensive approach will give a good effect to counter the problem of double chin.