How to Keep Nails Strong: Homemade Nail Treatments


  • The Effectiveness of Nail Masks: DIY Nail Tips
  • Applying Mask for Nails, We Make Nails Stronger
  • Natural Nail Remedies: Homemade Nail Treatments

Beautiful nails are a subject of pride of women at any age, in the same way as the well-groomed hair and skin. Unfortunately, they do not always make us happy: exfoliate, break down quickly, even deformed. Often this is because the body redirects all coming to it vitamins and mineral elements to ensure the vital organs. To nail they can not reach, especially if they are not in great quantity. Therefore, our nails require extra power supply. It can be easy to achieve with any nail mask with conventional products.

The Effectiveness of Nail Masks: DIY Nail Tips

Home beauty treatments for nails perform a variety of functions. Firstly, it may be curative if necessary to restore the damaged nails. Secondly, tit may be purely cosmetic, if necessary to bring nails just in order. Thirdly, nail mask is almost always high-quality, complete prevention of various diseases of the nail plate. So that nail treatments DIY is needed for all women. Moreover, the effectiveness of homemade nail treatments is shown in a few days:

How to Keep Nails Strong

  1. make nails stronger and healthy, with slightly pinkish, natural color;
  2. disappear white spots on the nails;
  3. they cease to exfoliate and break;
  4. begin to grow faster;
  5. heal the wounds around the nails on the fingers;
  6. less burrs are formed;
  7. manicure falls easily and lasts a long time.

To ensure such a home beauty treatments, you need to do regularly at home nutritious and restorative nail masks. It does not take much time, but you will not shy of scanty and broken nails. Suffice it to hold one of such nail treatments diy – and you will not be able to refuse such a wonderful transformation of your nails without any extra financial expenditure.

Applying Mask for Nails, We Make Nails Stronger

The mask for nails meets your expectations, you need to follow a few recommendations for its preparation and application. This will increase its efficiency and will not allow you to be disappointed.

  • To begin, remove the nail polish from nails. It is impossible to make a nail mask, if there are any coating: shellac, acrylic, gel, or even the most common nail polish.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
  • Make a decoction of calendula and chamomile. Soak nails in it for 10 minutes.
  • Mix nails’ mask with blender.
  • Honey, milk, cosmetic oils, any liquid in their composition of mask for nails can be slightly heated in a water bath.
  • Lower the tips of your fingers into the prepared mask for nails, so it lay down on them a dense, even layer and is not dripping.
  • Actions of miraculous nail mask is 10 or 15 minutes.
  • After that, the nails’ mask can be washed in the same herbal teas, which has already been used. You can replace it with any other warm liquid – plain water or milk, for example.
  • Nails should be dry.
  • Put your hands on any nourishing hand cream, do not forget to treat them and the nail plate.
  • Manicure is not advisable to be put on your nails during the day.

The rules seem simple, but the we need to follow these procedures regularity. If you do nail masks only from time to time, the use of them can not be very effective. Be sure to consider this, if you decide to really make your nails with high-quality care.

Natural Nail Remedies: Homemade Nail Treatments

Nail masks are different – strengthening (for brittle), rebuilding (for layer), nutrients (for full care), activating their growth. Focus on these points when choosing your desired recipe of nail mask.

  • Potatoes + Cabbage + Milk Cream = Nourishing Nail Mask

Grind in a blender Fresh leaves of young cabbage and potatoes, add one tablespoon of milk cream (you can replace sour cream).

  • Potatoes + Milk = Nail Mask Against Breakage

Clean young, fresh potatoes, boiled in milk, crush, add the milk in which you cooked vegetables for thinners.

  • Cabbage + Banana + Cream + Honey = Nutritious Nail Mask

Mix the crushed cabbage leaf and banana (two tablespoons), add heavy cream, warm honey (one teaspoon of both). The nutritional composition of the mask can be held on the nails for half an hour.

  • Olive Oil + Lemon + Iodine = Nail Mask Against Breakage

Preheat a water bath unrefined olive oil (three tablespoons), add to it lemon juice and iodine (three drops).

  • Salt + Iodine = Nail Mask to Strengthen

In a glass of boiled water dissolve two tablespoons of salt, add a few drops of iodine.

  • Red Pepper + Hand Cream = Nail Mask for Nail Growth

Red hot pepper (half of teaspoon), stir in the water (2 tablespoons), add to the density of nourishing hand cream. Preheat a water bath. Use once a month. The mask is not suitable for dry skin of hands and the presence of wounds and cuts near the nail plate.

  • Protective Nail Mask of Wax

Melt the wax on a steam bath, dip your nails in it, quickly remove and dip in a bowl of cold water. Wear lightweight gloves and go to bed. In the morning, remove the wax.

  • Glycerol + Lemon = Nail Mask For Healthy Nail Colors

Mix the melted glycerol in a water bath (one teaspoonful), concentrated lemon juice (one tablespoon), dilute the mixture to the desired consistency with rose water.

If you want your nails were beautiful and well groomed, have grown rapidly and did not break, manicure kept long time, be sure to try one of the miraculous nail masks. This will allow you to be always on top, and no complexes about your short nails.