How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus


  • What is Fungus on Feet?
  • How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus
  • Foot Fungus and Home Remedies

Female legs should always be well-groomed no less carefully than hands, and this means not only a regular pedicure and foot skin care. And at the forefront of this care, of course, out of the foot fungus treatment that should be done necessarily, if the disease has touched you. Because otherwise you can not only spoil the appearance of their feet, but also earn a lot of health problems.

What is Fungus on Feet?

Before you begin treatment of the fungus on feet, you should understand the mechanism of its origin itself, because if you know the cause of the disease, to deal with it will be much easier. Most often infection by fungus is already sick people that occurs:

  • by shoes or clothing (in which the fungus can live for up to 5 years);
  • when visiting gyms (and especially swimming pools and public showers in them);
  • for the sauna or bath;
  • in poor health during your stay on the beaches or in the pool.

It is particularly active fungus settles on the feet, where there are any injuries (burns and wounds and to scratching and abrasions), as well as those that are very sweaty.

how to get rid of foot fungus

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

With this in mind, if you notice the first signs of the disease, start treatment with a mold of the foot should exclude all possibilities of re-infection, and compliance with the strictest rules of hygiene and foot care. It should be remembered that the fungus is perfectly adapted to life in the human tissues, so admirably brings unfavorable for themselves habitat. Therefore, if you are treated, but at the same time continue to create favorable conditions for the life of the fungus, he is not likely to respond to drugs used by you.

The first sign of the emergence of the fungus on feet is peeling of the skin and change its type – it becomes like a floured, and between the fingers, meanwhile, appear painful cracks. Do not associate these symptoms to other causes (e.g, wearing uncomfortable shoes) – start to treat foot fungus, because it was he!

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

Of course, the ideal would be if your first step in treatment will be the trip to the doctor. However, if you can not do it right away (for example, you found a fungus on vacation in another country), try to get special treatments for fungal foot. The pharmacy them, fortunately, a lot, so you do not even need to ask advice from a pharmacist, simply purchase any medication, the best for you at a cost. However, if you go to the doctor, you have more chances to get the most effective treatment in your particular case.

This fungus treatment is accompanied by strict observance of certain rules. You need:

  • frequently wash your feet (at least twice a day);
  • often walk barefoot or in open kinds of shoes, abandoning the rubber shoes and synthetic materials because they increase perspiration;
  • take a bath for the feet;
  • not to apply the preparations containing bleaching agent and an alcohol;
  • sunbathing;
  • be sure to take care of shoes, which certainly was a fungus.

Foot Fungus and Home Remedies

You can also combine the traditional treatment using various home remedies, to produce which, incidentally, is not difficult. Here are two effective ways:

  1. foot bath with black tea: one basin of water need to take six tea bags which, due to the content of tannic acid, has an excellent antifungal activity;
  2. bath with substance “Betadine” has excellent antibacterial activity: it is enough to take two glasses of the preparation and dissolve them in a liter of water, take a bath no more than 20 minutes.

After these procedures, be sure to use the traditional antifungal and wear clean, the pressed cotton socks. And, of course, using these methods, remember that foot fungus treatment folk remedies, as well as the traditional treatment can be easily and quickly just in case if you are not delayed it. Otherwise, the doctor will have to prescribe a range of medications and treatments, and the treatment itself will be delayed for several weeks, bringing you not less discomfort than the disease.