How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?


  • Cause and Effect of Bad Breath
  • Folk Remedies to Get Rid of it
  • Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

If you believe the advertising, most people are concerned about the freshness of their breath only during the meeting and when to be stuck in an elevator with a man of their dreams. In fact, everything is much more prosaic. The question is how to get rid of bad breath, regularly tormented almost a quarter of the world’s population.

Cause and Effect of Bad Breath

Despite its seemingly obvious, bad breath for many of its owners it remains insensible. Therefore, to ensure that no such smell, will not prevent arrange itself “test drive.” To do this, you can find a candid friend who will be able to fairly and adequately describe the presence of odor, or try to find it yourself. For example, first sniffing coffee, and then breathed a “fist” and sniff carefully.

The reasons for this phenomenon to be completely different from the lack of basic oral hygiene, to severe visceral disease. The most common reason – this is periodontal disease, smoking and food with a pungent odor.

In the case of periodontal and other diseases of the mouth to get rid of bad breath will help the dentist. If smell appears after the period food with pepper, garlic or onions, then you can deal with it on their own.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Smokers and alcohol lovers are always in a special risk. For them, the appearance of specific halitosis – a matter of time. Nicotine and related resins routinely violate the internal microflora of the mouth, and nullify all the work of disinfectant saliva. Alcohol-based substances sap the mucosa and provoke proliferation of different microorganisms. Together this leads to a characteristic odor, and the appearance of chronic diseases of the mouth and gums.

Folk Remedies to Get Rid of It

If a cause of concern was the bad breath in the morning, it’s not scary. First, get rid of it the easiest – you just need a good brush your teeth and tongue. And secondly, a smell – a natural process due to the fact that at night we do not produce as much saliva, and therefore a natural self-cleaning process does not work.

If, however, an unpleasant odor, regardless of time of day, so will have to try to get rid of it. It is best to use a well-known folk remedies for bad breath. First of all get help from medical rinse with herbs. The leader among them – common wormwood. Buy dry sagebrush pharmacy, pour 2 teaspoons of boiled water and insist about half an hour. As a result, we get an excellent balm rinse, followed by a rinse your mouth at least 4-5 times a day. It is best in the morning, evening and after every meal.

The second method – based on the infusion of alder leaves. We need about 20 grams of dry leaves (also sold in pharmacies), and half a liter of boiling water. Currently 30-40 minutes, strain the infusion through a gauze and rinse your mouth after every meal. The same can be done with oak bark, St. John’s wort or ordinary leaves of chamomile. These plants may reduce the malodor. By the way, they can not just rinse your mouth, but instead of drinking tea.

For those who are not very well tolerated by the bitter taste of herbs, it may be advisable to make a home balm-conditioner of peppermint (proportion – a tablespoon of dry grass on a half-liter of boiling water). This infusion is much more pleasant to the taste, besides it has a refreshing effect not less than all kinds of candy for fresh breath.

In cases where the possibility to use a decoction of the home does not (for example, in a restaurant or on a trip), then you need after a meal at least chew gum or eat a refreshing lozenge.

Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

In order not to suffer the question, how to get rid of bad breath, it is best to consistently take preventive measures. Caution is always easier than to deal with the “tasteless” consequences.

The main weapon against bad breath – a toothbrush and regular oral care. Brushing your teeth should be at least two times a day and not less than 2-3 minutes each time. Do not forget to clean not only the teeth but also the language.

Also, to help cope with food residues between the teeth of regular dental floss, which can always carry with them. Moreover, recently appeared in pharmacies floss impregnated with antibacterial, which reduces the rate of bacterial growth in the mouth.