How to Get Rid of a Cold Effectively


  • How to Cure a Cold Effectively
  • Basic Rules of Rhinitis Treatment
  • How to Get Rid of a Cold

Treatment of popular home remedies are not only capable of not only as soon as possible to remove the symptoms of illness, but also helps to strengthen our immune system. Today we tell you about the most effective popular medicines that simply cook for ten minutes, without leaving home.

How to Cure a Cold Effectively

  1. In order to quickly get rid of the discomfort caused by the common cold is necessary to drip into the sinuses warm essential rosehip oil or sea buckthorn. Also, you can use for this purpose, and other oils (eg menthol or even olive oil or sunflower oil) by adding a little garlic juice freshly squeezed.
  2. For the preparation of the next effective means you need to rub on a small grater three – four cloves of fresh garlic, then pour them fifty grams of purified water boiling. Let the mixture stand, covered in a warm place, two – three hours. Ready to dig the nose infusion (three – four drops in each nostril) three times a day.
  3. In addition, to get rid of a cold remedy used, prepared according to the following recipe. It is necessary to dissolve the purified liquid honey with warm water in a ratio of 1: 2. The resulting mixture is instilled into the nose for five – eight drops in each nostril.
  4. To prepare the following folk remedy must be filled with two – three teaspoons of the collection (in equal amounts) medicinal sage and chamomile in two cups of boiling water. Apply infusion ready for rinsing throat every three – four hours.
  5. Next remedy for the common cold should be done only in the absence of heat. So, for its preparation you need to add in a container with boiling purified water five drops of menthol or fir essential oil, which can be replaced with ten drops of iodine or one teaspoon of freshly squeezed onion juice. Then you need to turn down the heat to low and bent over the boiling liquid inhale fragrant pair. Be very careful – it is not necessary to bend down too much, otherwise you risk to burn the mucous membranes. Approximate duration of one treatment: no more than fifteen – twenty minutes.
  6. At a cold, traditional medicine recommends to do warm compresses on the night of the foot of kerosene. Just warm up a bit of kerosene, put a bowl in a bowl with hot water and pat them two napkins and attach the feet, wearing plastic bags on top and warm socks.

Basic Rules of Rhinitis Treatment

First of all, we should remember that treat rhinitis folk remedies, it is possible only when the disease has only just begun, and when you know for sure: you have a runny nose colds, rather than chronic. If the disease is chronic, folk remedies do not help – you need to be sure to agree on a course of your treatment with your doctor.

However, if you feel that you have caught a cold, and that you begin to lay the nose, be sure to enjoy a treatment! This is very important because if the runny nose is not treated, it can not just jump into a chronic form, but also result in complications such as sinusitis or otitis.

rhinitis treatment

How to Cure a Cold Effectively

But before you start the treatment of rhinitis folk remedies, be sure to prepare for it. The first step – a hot bath (water temperature not lower than 40-45 degrees!), Which you can add the mustard. Taking a bath should be for 10 minutes, followed by a drink hot tea with lemon and raspberry jam or lime color. After the procedure, be sure to Insulate foot – it is best for this purpose suitable thick knitted socks, into which you can pour mustard.

How to Get Rid of a Cold

  • antihistamines – they help relieve allergic reactions to a variety of tools and reduce nasal congestion;
  • vasoconstrictor drops – a “first aid” for those who are in urgent need of “unblocking” of the nostrils (but should remember that you can not abuse such drops);
  • special food – be sure to keep to a diet with a cold, which involves the use of large quantities of liquid, vegetable and fruit juices;
  • vitamin C (you can buy special vitamins, but you can just 1-2 times a day to drink the juice of one squeezed lemon).

And remember: the treatment of rhinitis folk remedies or traditional medicines can be successful only when you set to work on time – that is, the appearance of the very first symptoms. If you run a disease, and caught himself just a few days after it began, even the most successful remedy would be powerless, because it has a runny nose will rule over you completely.