How to Get Perfect Skin with Make-up?


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  • How to Get Perfect Skin with Makeup
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With the help of makeup you can make your image more attractive, but the inept use of makeup can also make it horrible or ridiculous. If you think that flawless makeup should be present in your life every day, learn how to get perfect skin with makeup, and you will understand, what a really beautiful face is.

On the Way to the Ideal Image

It is unable to create the perfect make-up, if you do not know the basic foundations makeup.

You must be able to pick up makeup, to hide flaws and emphasize dignity, that is to know, how to present yourselves in a favorable light.

When inept application of powder, eye shadow, blush and lipstick you can only disfigure your face.

To create a flawless makeup should:

  • to know your skin type;
  • to apply makeup after a daily skin care treatments;
  • to determine the color scale and be able to choose shades of color cosmetics correctly.

How to Get Perfect Skin with Makeup

how to get perfect skin with makeup

Using special cosmetics you can hide almost any appearance defects, for example, adjust the shape of the nose or a little change facial contours.

There are plenty of resources for various skin problems, the skillful application of which can really create a perfect image.

The Base is the First Step in Any Makeup

If you want to hide wide nose, you need to powder it with the means of a lighter shade, starting from the nose tip of the nose and ending (only in the center). After the nostrils have to be processed with the help of a dark powder. The powder can be replaced by the blush or tone cream – it does not matter.

  • Chiseled cheekbones, for example, can be hiden with the effect of radiance powder or light blush. All means must be applied horizontally, so the oval face will acquire harmony. Reflective particles, that are contained in the powder, will make the face look soft and feminine.

To achieve a flawless and radiant complexion, it is recommended to use concealer (tone cream). The powder is capable of doing any makeup easier, and skin – velvety.

  • For dry skin, you need to use concealer with a moisturizing effect. If the skin is prone to fat content, it is best to apply the powder on the T-zone. Also it is quite allowed to use these means together. For a perfectly smooth coating of powders you need to wait till the foundation is completely absorbed.

how to get perfect skin with makeup

Tone can be applied with thumbs, fingers and a special sponge. However, the first embodiment has several advantages. When applying the cream the fingers massaged, which is very beneficial for the skin. In addition, it is believed, that in this way the tone can be applied much more evenly.

  • And the main advantage, that the tone cream warms up when it is in the fingers, which leads to the fact, that it falls on the skin better. Moreover, using the sponge is not very economical, as a lot of unspent means leaves on the sponge.

Important Part – Eye Makeup

For uniform application of shadows you need to powder the eyelids. And if you prefer the crumbly shadows, they are best applied with a brush – so you create a delicate glow and light background. Those, who want to apply the shades by more dense layer, for this purpose the finger can be used. Put a little of means on finger and, apply on the eyelid. To create the beautiful color transition, the color-eyeliner will help; first use it, after the shadows. Do not forget to feather the transition lightly.

  • It is very good to use the mascara for dyeing eyelashes, which has a small comb. After applying the mascara, share the cilia with a comb – so you get rid of lumps. Furthermore, that the lashes will increase significantly in volume and length, and they will look more natural.

The Final Touch – Lips

Many women are skeptical that is best suited for flawless makeup – gloss or lipstick? With brilliance can visually enlarge the lips , moreover, they will look very tempting. This means can be applied with a special applicator or just a finger.

  • Recommended to choose a lipstick because of its durability. Only if the lips are overdried, better to abandon the persistent lipsticks and prefer lipstick with a moisturizing effect. To create a clear outline for lips, use a lip liner that fits the shade of a lipstick. In this case, apply the lipstick with a brush – it lies smoothly and beautifully.

Flawless make-up can be quite varied, most important is to fit to your type of appearance. Furthermore, it is important to use only high quality cosmetics.

How to Get a Flawless Face Using Mary Kay Products: