How to Get Hair Regrowth Naturally with Vitamins

For this purpose you can use vitamin supplements. What you need is only to add them to your shampoos during the washing hair.

Try this recipe to increase the density of hair and stop hair loss.

When washing hair shampoo add vitamins A, B, PP, C, B12, B6.

You can always buy them in capsules (sold in pharmacies).

The hair become very shiny and voluminous.

Right Procedure:

Do not add all the vitamins of the vials in one time in a bottle of shampoo, because no good there will be.

For example, vitamin C exists only 20 minutes in the air.

You have to do like this:

Pour the shampoo for two washes in a cup and add all the vitamins at once. Or, one by one mixing them carefully. And wash your hair with this composition.

When you wash a second time, leave the shampoo on the hair for 5 minutes, then rinse.

You’ll notice after the first procedure, that the volume has just become crazy, and your hair begin to fall out a lot less.

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