How to Drop Weight in 4 Days? 3 express diets

If the question: “How to drop weight quick?” is very actual for you, if you need a little promptly correct its shape, then our article, what you need! In it, we have compiled the most popular and effective types of so-called soon, express – diets, which will help you to achieve the desired results!

Express-Diet: How to Drop Weight in 4 Days?

How to Drop Weight in 4 Days?

The Firth Variant (Four Days-Diet)

Thanks to this method, the diet can lose up to three pounds in four days.

  • The first day

During this day you must consume boiled meat (no more than three – four grams), as well as three grams of salad with fresh vegetables (e.g., chopped greens, onions, cucumbers and fresh tomatoes) that to fill the low-fat sour-cream.

  • The second day

The diet should consist of two boiled eggs, fifty grams of solid non-fat cheese and four grams of fresh fruit.

  • The third day

Two cups of low-fat beef or three cups of vegetable broth, fresh salad (serving no more than one hundred grams) and two hundred grams of soft dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, raisins, etc.).

  • The fourth day

Four grams of fresh cottage cheese, boiled potatoes three, four grams of fruit, one medium tomato and fresh chopped parsley.

In the morning all products must be divided into three – four equal parts and eat at regular intervals (three hours) throughout the day. In addition, the duration of the diet should limit the use of other products, as well as excluded from the diet spices and seasonings.

The Second Variant (Kefir-One-Day Diet)

In order to make kefir-one-day diet, in the evening you need to prepare a half – two liters of fresh yogurt, and then in the morning divide it into five – six equal portions. Each of them you must drink through the same period of time (for example, every two or three hours). Also, you need throughout the day to observe the water regime, to avoid dehydration. For this you may drink every forty – sixty minutes of one full glass of purified warm water (small sips). If you feel a strong hunger, you can eat half a medium grapefruit.

The Third Variant (Curd-Express Diet)

Also very effective is curd express-diet for one day. Menu for the day: four grams of loose cheese, two tablespoons of bran and one liter of fresh yogurt, low -fat (divided into equal portions, and to eat, as in the past version). Drinking mode: every forty minutes one glass of water.