How to Do Beautiful Eye Makeup?


  • How to Choose Eyeshadow? 
  • How to Use a Pencil?
  • How to Put Mascara?

Every woman would like to look always amazing and great, at any time and in any place. To do this, you must have at least a small skills to create a beautiful eye makeup. Eyes – a mirror of our soul, so here we will speak, how to make your eyes even more delightful. First, let’s look at the basics of make-up – to learn, how to paint beautiful eyes with pencil, mascara and shadows.

How to Choose Eyeshadow?

In order to apply beautiful eye makeup, firstly, we need to pick a palette, that will suit you. To do this correctly and competently, we need to focus on eye color:

  • Green eyes – all shades of brown and purple, black, gray shades – from light gray to shades of charcoal and pink, plum and burgundy;
  • Brown eyes – all shades of blue, shades of brown – dark brown to beige, taupe, olive, pink, silver, gold;
  • Blue eyes – all shades of brown, pink.
  • Gray eyes – all shades of blue, black, silver, yellow.

Once decided on the color, you need to find the structure of the shadows, which will be most suitable for you. The following types of shadows:

  • Dry shade;
  • Liquid shadows;
  • Shade-mousse;
  • Shadows pencil.

The most popular among all the others – dry shade, but if you wear contact lenses, then you are not fit.

To visually enhance the eye, you need to use for makeup at least two shades (may be one and the same color). Shadows are plotted on the lash line on the mobile eyelid. Lighter shade should be applied to the inner corner of the eye, darker – the external. To all the transitions were smooth, carefully shaded them. If you want to make your look more expressive, shade must be applied on the skin folds on the eyelid to brow. It is desirable to use light shades.

We also can not ignore and lower eyelids. Apply shadow gently along the eyelashes. For them we use the same shade as that for the upper eyelid.

How to Use Eyeliner Pencil?

With eyeliner we can make our look more expressive, highlight the eyes and emphasize them. Qualitative eyeliner will help to hide all the flaws. It should be soft and easy to apply on the eyelid skin, leaving a smooth and clear trail. When it is selected, you must first hold a pencil line on the wrist and check its resistance. It should not be smeared easily.

In the same way, as the shadow, a pencil will be chosen accordingly the colour of eyes and hair:

  • Suitable for brunettes – dark gray and dark brown and black color;
  • For blondes – cool colors;
  • For redheads – brown color.

How to do beautiful eye makeup? For this is necessary to apply a pencil only on the upper eyelid, or to underline only the outer corner of the eye. Thus, it is better to shade the line. To create evening makeup, you need to colour the eye around the circuit. In this case, ideal sharp arrows. You need to colour with a eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line to increase their volume.

how to do beautiful eye makeup

how to do beautiful eye makeup

How to Put Mascara?

To complete the image, we need to put mascara – it will emphasize their shape. By the choice of it you must also take care, otherwise the beautiful make up eyes just will not work.
Someone needs to lengthen the lashes or to give some volume. The manufacturers of the cosmetics adhere to these criteria. There are different types of mascara brushes and shapes. When buying mascara, carefully read, for which eyelashes it is suitable.
Note, the shelf life of mascara – after opening it can be used no more than 3 months.

  • For the correct application of mascara on the lashes the brush should be held horizontally. If you hold the brush vertically, the lashes will stick together and look not carefully. You should begin not from the middle of the lashes, and since their base. How many coats of mascara to put on the lashes, each woman chooses by herself. But keep in mind, that you need to apply a new layer before the previous coat is dry. The best option – to make up the upper lashes first, and then lower. If there were clumps of lashes, they must be removed with special comb for eyelashes.

Correct eye makeup will make your eyes expressive and your look simply irresistible.