How to Cure a Stuffy Nose

With the onset of autumn and winter of days more and more people begin to have problems with nose. Yes, it is this, it would seem, it is not a serious illness, causes a lot of discomfort but feelings can affect the performance of normal daily activities (work, recreation, walking, etc.). After reading this article, you will learn how to prepare and use folk remedies to treat this disease.

How to cure a stuffy nose? – Unique means:

  • 1st recipe

This homemade recipe cure for stuffy nose is especially good for children. So, you need to mix in a saucer valerian tincture and high-quality olive oil until smooth, and then drop the finished mixture every hour for one – two drops.

  • 2nd Recipe

For the preparation of the following folk remedy against the common cold to pour a glass of hot water of purified three teaspoons centaury and one spoon of corn stigmas. Give infusion stand under cover 10 hours and then strain it through three layers of gauze clean cloth and use it for nasal lavage.

how to cure a stuffy nose fast

How to Cure a Stuffy Nose

  • 3rd Recipe

Also, to quickly get rid of nasal congestion helps a folk remedy, which is not difficult to prepare for this recipe. Pour a full glass of boiled or melted water to dry flowers of nettle (about ten grams). Now, cover the mixture with a lid or a towel and leave in a warm place for thirty minutes. Ready means of strain through a sieve for tea leaves of tea (instead you can use a clean gauze) then drink it during the day for a quarter cup in the form of heat.

  • 4th Recipe

Excellent home remedy against nasal congestion is the infusion of dried flowers of chamomile drug. Boil two tablespoons of chopped flowers with a cup of boiling water, and then leave the steamed mass in a warm place. In five – ten minutes mush the flowers into chop, and then wrap it in cheesecloth and apply to the sinuses during the day (preferably before each treatment mixture is heated on a steam bath).

  • 5th Recipe

Instead of pharmacy costly drops against nasal congestion, you can use the juice of young stalks of the aloe plant. To do this, squeeze the juice in a spoon and a little heat it over a boiling kettle, and then dial the juice into the pipette and to drip nostrils. In the same way, you can use a fresh beet juice.

  • 6th Recipe

In addition, it is recommended to lubricate the nostrils with diluted fir oil.