How to Cure a Sore Throat for 24 Hours

One Russian woman shared the effective recipe to treat the sore throat, which is able to stop even the most severe disease during the day.

This recipe she learned from a traditional healer, when she was on a business trip in the north of Russia.

The man was struck by the fact that some days she was suffering from a sore throat. “Sore throat should be treated no more than 24 hours, – he said. – Otherwise there will be a complication of heart”.

The recipe of best homemade remedy for sore throat, which he gave to this woman, is an easy and affordable to everyone:

  • 1 red beet grated.
  • On the one glass of grated beets add 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar.
  • keep a mixture for 4 hours in a sealed container in a dark place.
  • Then press out the juice through a thick cloth.
  • Remains throw, and gargle with juice obtained every 2.5 hours.

Beet and successfully treats chronic tonsillitis.

BUT ….
Why throw the remains … if it is – a wonderful and useful product?
Therefore, addition …

  • That what remains cleanses greatly the body of toxins and contains a lot of vitamins. Fill it with sour cream, salt (sea salt preferably as it is more useful) and eat.

Or the other recipe:

  • Add the parsley and dill, squeeze a slice of lemon, pour some boiling water. When it is cooled, it is very tasty salad. You can add sour cream also. Very similar to the Lithuanian cold beet soup, but with garlic.