How to Clean the Liver? Healthy Liver with Proven Methods


  • How to Clean the Liver?
  • Liver Cleansing Foods: Oil
  • Linseed oil is Liver Detox Foods
  • Sunflower Oil is Foods Good for Liver
  • Healthy Liver with Olive Oil

From our healthy liver depends on the health of the whole organism. When liver disease one becomes cranky, irritable, nervous, suffer from insomnia or sleepiness. Cleansing the liver will be much more effective if, during its holding to adhere to a vegetarian diet.

How to Clean the Liver? Healthy Liver with Proven Methods

  • Recipe №1

Every day (from 7 am to 22 am) need only eat melon. After 22:00, you can not eat and drink. After two weeks of cleansing the liver is necessary to gradually move to a normal diet. The duration of the transition for three days.

  • Recipe №2

In the evening, you need to prepare the infusion of rose hips. Take 3 tbsp. spoon of dried rosehip berries and brew 0.5 liters. warm water in a thermos. Early in the morning in a glass of rosehip infusion dissolve 3 tbsp. tablespoons of sorbitol and xylitol, stir and drink in one gulp. After 20 min. We drink the remaining infusion without adding anything to it. Hold the course of purification rosehip need six times every two days. Then, the cleaning is preferably carried out once a week.

Liver cleansing foods

Healthy Liver with Proven Methods

  • Recipe №3

Throughout the first day you need to drink fresh apple juice. The second day of doing everything the same as in the first. On the third day of drinking apple juice until 13:00, and then lie down for a while in bed, putting a hot water bottle in the liver area. After 15 minutes, take juice and butter in this order: 3 tablespoons lemon juice wash down 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Remove water bottle after 2 hours. Repeat the procedure once a quarter. Next year may be limited to one time.

  • Recipe №4

Eat 5 a day grated lemon grated. They can be fruity flavor with sugar or honey. The course of treatment 1 – 2 months.

  • Recipe №5

Washed with 10 kg of radish, removing damaged and mince. Squeeze the juice to give a cake and about 3 liters of juice. Store the juice in the refrigerator. Mix cake with sugar or honey put under oppression, and leave in a warm place. Accept juice for 1 h. Spoon after eating. When will the juice must go on soured cake. Take it should be 2 tablespoons with meals.

  • Recipe №6

In the morning it should be, there is Herculean porridge, cooked on the water, and drink tea for this recipe: half a spoon of mint and one spoonful of Hypericum pour cup of boiling water, add honey and lemon juice. Before you drink tea should swallow three tablets of senna or buckthorn leaf extract.

Liver Cleansing Foods: Oil

It should immediately be noted that liver cleansing using oil, as an incredibly effective method of cleaning and restoring the health of the whole organism, not suitable for everyone. This is due primarily to the very regime to be followed, and with the use of process steps and oil. After all, not everyone will like the taste.

Linseed oil is Liver Detox Foods

For fast, efficient home liver cleansing of accumulated harmful substances in it is perfect this kind of oil! Drink of linseed oil can be different, for example, adding or culinary dishes using it in pure form.

For the three-day cleanse you need to take three – four times a day for one – two teaspoons of this medicinal product, washing it down with warm water mixed with lemon fresh juice (a glass of purified water to take half a dessert spoon of juice). During this cleansing is recommended to fully switch to vegetarian dishes, excluded from the diet meat, flour and sweet. You also need to do with addictions, because no cleaning will not bring benefit if you drink alcohol or smoke!

This method not only fill you with energy and health will return, but will slightly adjust the shape!

Sunflower Oil is Foods Good for Liver

To use this type of oil is necessary to choose really high-quality proven product! In the morning on an empty stomach should pour in a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and then move the liquid under the tongue. Now start to filter through his teeth and grind under the tongue. At the same time, would not swallow the oil!

The duration of the procedure should be at least five and no more than fifteen minutes. After this time, you need to spit oil, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.

It is necessary to spend five to ten treatments. During cleaning, try to eliminate from your diet foods given in the last recipe (meat, etc.).

Healthy Liver with Olive Oil

It is necessary to warm up the oil and lemon (or grapefruit) juice to body temperature, and then take a horizontal position, and dress warmer. Now we should drink a large spoonful of butter, juice, and then escape by putting a hot water bottle in the liver area.

Cleansing the liver Beetroot is one of the easiest and safest way, which allows the liver against harmful accumulations. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules of this purification procedure.