How to Choose Best Oil for Dry Hair


  • How to Choose Best Oil for Dry Hair
  • Essential and Base Oils for Hair

The health of our hair is primarily dependent on the normal blood circulation in the hair follicles, it proceeds to the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. If they do not have, they become thin, lifeless, weak and dry.

Help to protect and moisturize them we can not just changing the diet, but also applying oils for hair. Using any basic hair oil for dry hair we can fully restore their lost functions, and to have a stunningly beautiful and healthy hair.

The real salvation for thin and dry hair are natural oils for hair, that will gently revive even very dry tresses.

How to Choose Best Oil for Dry Hair

The oils treatment helps:

  • restoration of lost functions of hair follicles;
  • its nutrition with natural ingredients;
  • improvement of the structure of the hair;
  • mitigation and conditioning.

Women suffering from the problem of dry hair, sometimes faced with certain difficulties. How to choose the right moisturizer, which could stop the brittle, dry hair and splitting ends.

Let us consider in detail the properties and characteristics of the most popular natural oils for hair. They are used for the treatment of dry hair, in beauty salons or at home.

hair oil for dry hair

Essential and Base Oils for Hair

  • Burdock Oil for Dry Hair

The oil is prepared by the infusion of burdock roots in natural vegetable oils. This base oil serves as the main component of various cosmetic masks, works well independently. It feeds even very dry hair, bringing in their structure the missing minerals. These include:

  • complex vitamins;
  • natural polysaccharides;
  • plant pigments flavonoids;
  • unsaturated fatty acids;
  • minerals group consisting of salts of cobalt, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, selenium, zinc.

Poly unsaturated fatty acids that make up the base of burdock oil, gently clean the skin near the hair follicles from dead skin and are the direct agents of oxygen to the follicle.

Zinc is a part of burdock oil improves hair growth, Silicon and Selenium support the protective function, protecting the hair from negative influence of the environment.

Due to the natural poly saccharides, which enter the hair follicle, improving its structural exchange process. They help absorption of natural minerals and vitamins contained in the oil.

Using a mask on the basis of burdock oil, recovery is even very dry and brittle hair. After its application, thanks to the natural elastin, they become silky, supple and healthy.

  • Olive Oil – Best Oil for Dry Hair

The unique olive oil is rightly called the liquid gold of the Mediterranean. It is obtained by cold pressing the fruit of the olive tree, or seeds. The accumulated centuries of knowledge about the benefits of olive oil Estheticians are widely used in the treatment and rehabilitation of dry hair.

Therapy based on dry hair using plant formula it olive oil. It consists of a unique:

  • Phosphorus-containing natural compounds.
  • Unsaponifiables tocopherols group, sterols, carotenoids.
  • Easily cleavable monounsaturated fat.
  • Irreplaceable in the treatment of vitamin complexes, mainly of groups A, D, E.
  • Phospholipids and composed fosfatity concentrate perform adsorption and hydrolysis sharing function in the hair follicle. They provide follicle regeneration and moisturizing dry hair.
  • Vitamin A regulates the production of subcutaneous fat to avoid increased dryness strands, restores hair structure, provides natural moisture.
  • Vitamin E helps oxygen and nutrients to reach the inner layers of the hair bulb. Due to this factor the normal blood circulation ensures, prevents hair loss, normalizing fat and water-salt metabolism.
  • Coconut Oil for Dry Hair

Natural coconut oil is one of the effective and best oil for dry hair as it has hypoallergenic effect. It is obtained from dried coconut pulp. In appearance it is white solid structure, with a pleasant smell.

The healing properties of this oil are explained by a unique combination of components. Its structure other than vitamins and minerals include unique fatty acids.
Due to the complex of the medicinal components of coconut oil well:

  • hydrates the follicles of subcutaneous scalp to the tips of the hair;
  • protects hair from the loss of essential protein when washing hair with shampoo;
  • gives hair shine, elasticity and health;
  • regenerates after curling, blow-drying, painting, application of electric curling irons, prevents splitting ends.
  • Essential Oils for Hair

To achieve maximum therapeutic effect the cosmetologists add to the base oils certain proportion of essential oils. Such technology allows to treat even very dry hair and forked tips.

They normalize secretion of the sebaceous glands, fulling the loose strands of vital nutrients:

  • stimulates growth and strengthens the hair structure;
  • contribute to the creation of a natural shine;
  • prevent the emergence of dandruff and hair loss;
  • strengthens the nervous system.

Let’s examine some of the most popular essential oils, designed to care for dry hair.

Essential and Base Oils for Hair

  • Lavender Oil for Dry Hair

This fragrant essential oil is important for women with dry hair. Regular use of a few drops of lavender oil with the base oil improves the condition of damaged hair, combats hair loss and dandruff.

  • Rosemary Oil for Dry Hair

Wonderful rosemary oil helps to restore normal power weakened follicles, effectively moisturizes the scalp, promotes regeneration cross-section of the tips. The tool is used by adding a few drops, depending on the formulation, masks, shampoos, conditioners.

  • Mint Oil for Dry Hair

The ether concentrate of peppermint oil is a great stimulator of blood flow in subcutaneous covers the head. Excellent for people suffering from moisture deficiency.

  • Pink Oil for Dry Hair

Stunningly pleasant, with a delicate aroma of rose oil moisturizes well the scalp, thereby providing a beneficial effect on the work function of the sebaceous glands. Good feedback received from women who have very dry hair problem.

  • Carrot Oil for Dry Hair

Excellent carrot oil with its antioxidant properties regenerating function of the skin of the head, by strengthening follicles. It proved to be excellent in the treatment of even very dry hair.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Dry Hair

A few drops of tea tree oil in the composition of masks, shampoos, rinses well stimulate the function of the sebaceous glands, help cleanse the skin of dead cells.


Natural active components in natural skincare with essential and base oils for hair have a beneficial effect.

They enhance the intracellular power, activate the metabolic processes of the follicles.

Constant hair care with the use of these natural products make them supple, silky, giving a natural healthy natural shade.