How to Beat Teenage Hair Falling Out


  • Puberty. What to expect?
  • Changing the Behavior of Adolescents
  • Why do Teenagers Have Hair Falling Out?
  • Hair Loss Diagnosis
  • Treatment of Hair Loss

Reading the parent forums, you can noticed that there is an active discussion threads of life and health of adolescents. Little kids – little problems, big kids – big problems. Yesterday, our boys and girls tortured you with endless questions, and today their behavior has changed, and they avoid talking. What are the reasons for this behavior?

Puberty. What to expect?

Closer to 12 years in parents must be armed with knowledge of what changes occur in the body of a teenager. This is a very important period in the life of each person. From how it will be emotionally calm, will depend on his behavior in society. Although the physiological and mental development is not parallel, catch the difference of these processes in adolescents is very difficult.

Puberty – is the time period during which the human puberty. During this process corresponds to the endocrine system, namely the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. Growth hormones and sex hormones at this time is very active in the body of the child, which makes changes to the appearance and radically changes the behavior of the teenager.

Why do Teenagers Have Hair Falling Out

Why do Teenagers Have Hair Falling Out?

This period lasts for teenagers in different ways and, on average, the girl ends up to 13-14 years, and the boy to 15-17. On how sooner or later it will happen depends on your child’s behavior, because in this period, young people are formed and survive the transition into adulthood.

Puberty is accompanied by a not always pleasant symptoms, which frighten our children. This phenomena such as the development of secondary sexual characteristics, growth spurt, skeletal development, change in weight, the deterioration of the skin, hair and nails.

Changing the Behavior of Adolescents

Now that we know how serious the processes taking place inside the body of adolescents, we can understand the reasons that lead to the violation of their psychology.

Your child sees in the reflection of a completely different person, not always satisfying his expectations. The transition from the “ugly duckling” to “beautiful swan” passes painful, and it is in this period in the life of a teenager there are the first problem. Boys and girls are very critical of their appearance and therefore pay special attention to the face, hair, nails and figure. And because they so want to look good in front of others. At this time, it will be very important the participation of adults in their lives, it is parents of teenagers should entrust their secrets.

Frequent mood swings, resentment, irritability explained release important hormones. We must try to be careful, expressing his opinion about everything that surrounds your child. Each conflict – it is stress, which can lead to a variety of consequences. Today we look at one of them, namely hair falling out in adolescents.

Why do Teenagers Have Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss during adolescence can cause hormonal disturbances. Slight hair loss – it is a normal reaction of the body. But if the hair leaves a hairbrush more than usual, consult a physician-endocrinologist about hair loss symptoms.

  • If your child has suffered a complex disease, taking antibiotics, then, as a consequence, could lose strength and health of the hair.

Another reason – a tendency to stress that strike the immune system and lead to hair falling out in adolescents.

  • Many children, especially girls, are not satisfied with their appearance, seeing the reasons for this in the excess weight. Sitting on a diet or just eating poorly, they are taken away from the body’s main power, which in adolescence is especially important.

On the growth and loss of hair the cosmetic products can affect, which teenagers start to use actively. In addition, using hair dryers, curling irons, irons, not protecting the hair in the heat and cold, they put hair of external influence, thereby shortening the life of each hair.

Hair Loss Diagnosis

Qualitatively hair loss diagnosis can be made only by experts. Trichologists conduct examination of the skin of the head, as well as examine blood. Results of analyzes will identify the causes of hair loss, which may include fungal infections, Giardia, coca, hepatitis and dysbiosis.

Prescribe treatment medicines can only doctors, after identifying the cause of the disturbances in the body of a teenager. Do not self-medicate, do not accustom to this child. If hair loss is due to the transition period, pay attention to diet, mode and turn into the daily hygiene of hair products based on phytoextracts, proteins, vitamins, minerals and oils.

Treatment of Hair Loss

Treatment of Hair Loss in Teenagers

Treatment of Hair Loss

Homemade Recipes against Hair Loss

One of the procedures that will help to improve the blood circulation of the scalp thereby activates new hair growth can be a head massage. The teenagers can do it by themselves. Massaging the head with your fingers or with special stiff brush. After that, a good contrast procedures, changing the temperature of the water, which you will make for half an hour.

During teenage hair loss is best not to have long hair, so as not to burden the load on the hair follicle. Long tresses always look beautiful when they are healthy. Therefore, treatment of short hair will be faster.

Masks, strengthening and healing the roots of hair, are best to make your own, using proven and fresh foods.

  • Mask for Hair Growth

Glycerin – 1 tsp;
Vinegar – 1 tsp;
Castor oil – 2 tsp.

The prepared mixture should be beaten in the roots. Wrap your head with a towel and hold it 20 min. Thereafter the hair is washed. This treatment of hair loss will stop falling, make hair thick, shiny and soft.

  • Firming Mask

Egg yolk – 1 piece;
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.

All this must be rubbed into the scalp and left on for 40 minutes. Repeat procedure should be once a week.

  • Washing Hair with Decoction

Prepare special teas herbs for rinsing the hair we are taught by our ancestors. It did not provide any treatment, it was made by everybody. Suffice it to take 6 tablespoons birch leaves or limes and pour 2 cups boiling water them. And in the summer you can make a decoction of the young nettle that grows at every step.

So you want to be beautiful and healthy at any time in our lives. Teenagers are especially critical to the appearance and sometimes it lays a habit to monitor their health for life.