How to Apply Makeup Foundation and Powder: makeup powders


  • How to Chose the Best Powder to Set Foundation?
  • Variety of Makeup Powders
  • Subtleties Choice Powder
  • How to Apply Makeup Foundation and Powder?

Improved over the years, the composition of powder today can not only align the skin tone and hide cosmetic defects, but also helps to care for the skin and protects against environmental factors – sunlight, dirt, dust and bacteria.

Modern face powder – is a complex structure made ​​of natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, ground silk and various nutritional supplements.

How to Chose the Best Powder to Set Foundation?

best powder to set foundation

To choose the right powder, you need to consider the type of skin and its needs, so in modern cosmetics, there are different types of powders.

Loose powder is ideal for those who enjoy foundation. Thanks to its airy consistency it lies evenly on the skin and blends perfectly with the tone cream. Well suited for skin prone to oily sheen, loose powder absorbs excess fat at the same time and allows the skin to breathe, also makes skin tone matt and beautiful. On the downside, it is one inconvenience, it is not comfortable to use it during the day, so it’s better to apply it just before you leave home.

  • Compact powder – an indispensable cosmetic means for the modern woman who spends most of her time outside the home and who has to update your makeup constantly. Compact powder, unlike the loose powder, is perfect for dry skin because it contains in its composition some fats and does not dry thin and delicate skin.

Cream powder, as a means of two in one, recently becomes very popular due to its universal quality, but owners of oily skin with enlarged pores is better to avoid it because it can sharpen the visible blemishes.

  • Antiseptic powder due to the content of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory supplements is very well suited for sensitive and easily irritated skin. Stamped with a sterile cotton wool, this powder will protect from dirt and bacteria that trigger inflammation in the skin. In its composition there are the mineral substances that are perfectly groomed the skin, thanks to a light texture it allows to breathe for the skin, so this powder is recommended for summer makeup.

Variety of Makeup Powders

Terracotta powder is suitable for the owners of dark skin, it will underline the contours of the face, and due to the content of ground healing mud it protects the skin from external adverse factors.

Powder in the form of colored balls has a property to reflect light and give your skin a fresh and beautiful look, but it is desirable to apply with a thin layer and a broad brush.

Shimmering powder is ideal for holiday or evening makeup. The gold and silver powder particles under floodlights give the skin a beautiful shimmer. But in broad daylight this powder can give an unnatural appearance and even inappropriate. Also apply a powder on the cheekbones and temples, avoiding the middle of the face, for greater effect you can also apply it on your hands and décolletage.

Bronzing powder is another option for summer makeup, it is very well suited for dark or tanned skin, besides it allows to do without additional tonal resources.

Transparent powder is intended for happy owners of perfect skin and will highlight the beautiful skin tone.

Subtleties Choice Powder

makeup powders

If you have decided which powder suits you better, then you need to know more about some of the features in the selection of powders.

  • If you use foundation, then you need to pick up the powder of the same tone and preferably of the same brand.

If you do not use the concealer in your makeup, to determine the desired shade, apply a little powder on the nose, this place is best represents your natural skin tone.

  • For daytime makeup, choose the powder with pinkish beige or golden hues, and for evening makeup is better to give preference to powder with a yellowish tinge, but the lighter shade than the color of your face.

How to Apply Makeup Foundation and Powder?

apply powder foundation

To choose the right powder is one thing, but we still have to learn how to apply it:

  • do not apply the powder as long as your main day cream or foundation is completely absorbed, otherwise powder will fall unevenly, and instead you get an even tone skin with ugly divorce.
  • powder is best applied with thick brush with rounded ends and a powder puff. Powder puff is recommended to apply to the central part of the face, particular attention should be paid to the so-called T-zone, as it is here placed of sweat and sebaceous glands. With a little powder on the puff, press it to the back of your hand, push a little powder, and then apply with a gentle circular movements on the face.  Applied the face powder with a brush on the cheekbones and sides of the face, as it can help you better emphasize the contours of your face. And do not forget to take care of your “instruments”, once a week, wash them in warm water with shampoo and thoroughly dried in a warm place.
  • during the day, if you notice that your face starts to shine, do not use immediately the face powder. First, blot the T-zone with paper handkerchief or thin cloth to absorb the excess fatty secretions.
  • for dry skin use the face powder in a small amount, for oily skin – take a few more as at enhanced sebum, the powder quickly dissolves, and is absorbed into the skin.

You can have your preferences in the form of powder or brand, but these little secrets of the cosmetic use of face powder will make your makeup more natural and beautiful.

Face powder, like other tonal resources, like primer for artistic paintings: from how well and efficiently it will fall on your face, and will depend the overall picture of your makeup.