How to Apply False Lashes: benefits and inconvenience


  • How to Apply False Lashes? 
  • How to Wear False Lashes?
  • What is Needed for Eyelashes Extensions?
  • False Eyelashes Extensions Procedure.
  • What not to Do with the False Eyelashes Extensions?
  • Contraindications for False Eyelashes Extensions

Every woman wants to look stunning beautiful. In ideal it everything should be nice; clothes and makeup. The same applies to the eyelashes. But, unfortunately, many of the women complain for sparse and short eyelashes. The eyelashes extensions can help in this problem. Of course, the simplest answer to the question as how to apply false lashes will be the phrase “go to the salon”. However, not everyone has enough time and especially money to carry out the procedure with professional wizard.

How to Apply False Lashes? 

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To apply false lashes at home – a procedure is quite difficult to do by yourself, but still quite real. Be ready that the applying false lashes takes you a long time, especially the first time. At the salon masters procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours.

A Little Bit about the Technology Eyelash

There are several technologies of applying false eyelashes. Now it is very popular the Japanese technology of applying.

  1. This procedure involves gluing one eyelashe by one to the base of original lashes.
  2. There is also a method by which you can glue the eyelashes beams from 2 to 5 pieces.

Basically, this technique is performed only by specialists, as it requires a lot of experience and accuracy. Irregularities lines and gluing neighboring cilia can ruin all the efforts and negate the whole outcome.

How to Wear False Lashes?

Is it realy wondering how to apply false lashes by yourself? Perhaps, the effect is totally not worth the time and effort?

Long, thick and beautiful eyelashes … How every woman would like to have her natural long cilia. What only women do not do to see in the mirror their eyes framed by long lashes. Some of them use the lengthening mascara, for the others mascara effect of false eyelashes helps to “save” the situation, and still the others choose the methodology of eyelashes extension by beams.

  • But try to calculate how much time per day do you spend to make up your lashes? And if we multiply the resulting figure by the number of days in a year? It turns out that the applying false lashes can save a tremendous amount of time. Besides the mascara, even if it is perfect, must be washed off every night. Naturally, you can use paint for eyebrows and eyelashes with long duration, but it can not lengthen your lashes. Therefore, one solution is to apply false lashes at home. The main thing is to know how to make them.

What is Needed for Eyelashes Extensions?

If you want to apply false lashes at home, you need special materials for this procedure. In addition, please be patient – an this process takes time.

  • You will need the artificial eyelashes.
  • What you choose the false eyelashes by beams or single, depends only on you.
  • In addition, you need to purchase a special hypoallergenic adhesive for buildup.
  • It can be as transparent so black to imitate the eyeliner.
  • Also prepare a mirror and handy tweezers.
  • Remember, all the materials and instruments must be of good quality.
  • Products that are suspiciously cheap, are not good for this.

Otherwise, you will think not how to apply false lashes, but how to get rid of the problems to which the low-quality materials brought you.

False Eyelashes Extensions Procedure

The independent buildup, as by single eyelashes or eyelash beams, is rather complicated process, so it is the best to ask the help of the girlfriend.

  • To begin with, clean your eyes completely, removing all cosmetics from them. Then degrease the eyelids with a special compound. Carefully open the box with the cilia, and examine the contents carefully. They may be glued into small beams, or lie by one or three hairs (different lengths).

Now, close your eyes and relax, not twitching the eyelids. It is important to know that you must do very cautiously. Using tweezers, the girlfriend takes one beam of eyelashes, put in glue. Then brings it to the upper eyelid and gently adheres to the native cilia. Start with the outer corner of the eye, gradually moving to the nose.

When all the cilia are glued, you can open your eyes and enjoy the beautiful and expressive eyelashes.

What not to Do with the False Eyelashes Extensions?

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If you decide to try the procedure buildup, you need to know how to care for false eyelashes extensions. Perhaps, the care seems too complicated, and you will come to the conclusion that the effect of mascara with false eyelashes is enough for you. For those who still dare to apply false lashes, it is important to know some things:

  • False eyelashes are afraid of oils. So if you want to remove the artificial eyelashes, just grease the eyelids with vegetable oils, and they easily fall off. This procedure is best done at night.
  • Do not use greasy eye cream, otherwise cilia fall off as well as from oils.
  • Do not rub eyes. Touch the eyelids very carefully, and only when washing the face twice a day.
  • The cosmetics shortens the life of eyelashes. The question of how to paint eyelashes is in this case almost irrelevant, as artificial cilia look very nice.
  • Sleep on your side or back. If your face will be in the pillow, you will loose many of eyelashes. Just do not think how to glue eyelashes again – you have to make the whole procedure again.
  • Artificial eyelashes do not require to be curled. Desire to curl the false eyelashes can end in tears – all the beauty disappear.

Contraindications for False Eyelashes Extensions

The application of false lashes has its contraindications.

  • About tis prosedure is better to forget for the girls who are prone to allergies, and those who have weak and falling eyelashes. 
  • Dry skin of the eyelids may also become a barrier to the eyelash extension, since it requires constant feed fat cream, and this is incompatible with false eyelashes. 
  • About the false eyelashes extensions the women, who often suffer from conjunctivitis, have to forget also.