How to Apply Blemish Balm Cream Evenly?

Tone Cream – an effective tool for make-up that helps hide minor imperfections, improving complexion and protect the skin from all sorts of natural phenomena. Typically, in the tone agent is present fat, water, powder, various pigments with curative, nutrients, protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. It is not enough to choose the right cream, yet it must be able to properly apply – then it will disguise spots, pimples, redness, and all sorts of other defects of the skin, and also help remove dark circles under his eyes.

How to Apply BB Cream Evenly?

How to Apply Blemish Balm Cream Evenly

How to Apply Blemish Balm Cream Evenly?

So, do not rush immediately to apply Blemish Balm Cream, first day cream moisturize the skin, wait ten minutes – it should be absorbed completely. Then blot with a tissue to remove any excess skin cream. After start to apply concealer with light circular movements – start from the center of the face, moving toward the edges, otherwise you will not hide the fine lines with the pores and make them focus.

You can apply Blemish Balm Cream with a sponge or fingers – it depends from its consistency. If you apply with your fingers, then squeeze a little cream on hand, then gently drive in a small amounts into the skin using your fingertips. Then gently “push” cream finely porous sponge, removing superfluous, making tone of the face more evenly. If you apply with a sponge tool, before using moisten it with water, rinse with lukewarm water after use and dry it.

Do you want to make more natural face? Then do not put too much cream in large chunks. Apply the cream only with small peas to your face. Mix the cream with moisturizing liquid tone in equal proportions to give a healthy glow and a beautiful even tone. Apply the mixture with a bit wet sponge. It is not necessary to apply to your neck even the properly selected tone cream. It is more then enough only to shade border. Pay particular attention to the hairline – it is there you need to make tone very well!

It must be remembered that the natural tone of your face can change. For example, on a particular day your skin can be paler than usual, then the Blemish Balm Cream will be too dark. To create the most appropriate colors, mix it with an ordinary moisturizer or tone cream of white color. To give a person a radiant and fresh color, use a shimmering tonal tool, which provides optical pigments, fine scatter light. Do not forget to wash off foundation before going to bed, after cleansing, apply a nourishing cream on it.

By purchasing tone cream, you must remember that it will not change radically the complexion and only align it, making it more harmonious and beautiful. To check the color is very easy – put a little cream on the chin or cheek and wait 10 minutes. After all, almost all of the tonal cream darken slightly during this time, so they will look a bit different than immediately after application. Choose the shades which are correspond to the natural maximum at the expiration of 10 minutes.

Doing make-up, do not forget how to apply Blemish Balm Cream properly, and then you will always look flawless.