How Effective is the Use of Castor Oil for Eyelashes?


  • Properties of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth
  • Methods of Using Castor Oil for Eyelashes
  • Can Castor Oil Stop the Loss of Eyelashes?

Beautiful, thick and long eyelashes are a dream of every girl and woman. Curvaceous eyelashes emphasizes the look, helping to attract a large number of men’s glances.

From an anatomical point of view the eyelashes are the same hair, that are designed to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes from falling on its surface dust or dirt. Eyelashes require constant care for themselves, in which case their unsurpassed view will be guaranteed at any time.

At present, the cosmetic industry offers a lot of different chemicals on courting eyelashes in the market, in great demand are also all kinds of electrical appliances for ciliary curling. From the constant use of all of the above the structure of eyelashes gradually deteriorates, slowing their growth. As a result, women come to the beautician and ask him for advice on solving the problem.

Most cosmetologists generally recommend natural castor oil for eyelashes. Many online articles are written about the benefits of castor oil for eyelashes, where the real people share their impressions after using the previous procedure. We will try to sort out the issue of the effectiveness of this means for eyelashes, examining its properties.

Properties of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

castor oil for eyelash growth

Properties of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

The castor oil has a high content of ricinoleic acid, which is in contact with human skin begins to influence actively to its cells. In addition to ricinoleic acid the castor oil contains oleic, linoleic, palm and other carbon acid. Although the means has a high degree of uniformity, in long-term storage its acidic properties lose their abilities. What kind of impact has castor oil on the eyelashes?

Due to the presence in castor oil the various essential acids important for the eyelashes, it restores the shortage of these substances for our skin. When applying the castor oil for eyelashes the follicles absorbe it well, and the oil penetrates into the internal structure of the tissue.

As a result of external resourse of nutrition, the eyelash’s structure recovers quickly, they again begin to grow naturally. The viscosity of castor oil promotes bonding of small scales on the surface of the filaments, so your lashes will become smooth and silky. Skin of the eyelids is also smoothed, it becomes elastic. The first results of the application of castor oil can be seen in a month.

Methods of Using Castor Oil for Eyelashes

You can use of castor oil for eyelashes with additives and without them. If you’ll be using castor oil without any additives, in any case you will achieve the tangible results. Means must be applied on a clean, freshly washed skin of eyelids and eyelashes every day, at night. In the morning, wash off the oil. Before the procedure, you can wipe the face with tonic. The castor oil rubbed into eyelashes with brush from the old mascara – this is the most convenient way.

With clean brush, dipped in castor oil and removed the excess fluid from, smear gently on eyelashes. At this time it is better to close the eyes, to avoid getting means inside. Similarly, you can apply castor oil on the eyebrows, if you think that they do not grow. It should be remembered that two or three applications of castor oil will not give visible results, the minimum period is 1 month.

Another well-known method of using castor oil for eyelashes is combined with fish oil. Fish oil and castor oil together represent an “explosive mixture”, with the ability to produce a stunning effect. For a means you have to mix them in a ratio of 1 : 1, mixture is applied to a clean skin with a brush or cotton swab for about 1 hour, and then washed off. These procedures should be doing every day for 2 weeks.

Good results are obtained by the use of castor oil in combination with aloe juice. Aloe juice and castor oil mainly stimulate eyelash growth. Mix in a rate of 1 : 1 and apply to the eyelashes. Note: do not apply the means on the lower eyelid. After 30 minutes of application the means should be washed with water and rub with tonic. If the aloe juice is replaced by persic oil and mixed with castor oil in a ratio of 3 to 7, such a means can be kept for 1 hour on eyelashes. The effect of using in the first and in the second cases is approximately the same. The duration of the procedure should be at least 2-3 weeks.

castor oil eyelashes

Methods of Using Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Can Castor Oil Stop the Loss of Eyelashes?

In some people, the eyelashes may fall and crumble. This phenomenon does not happen so often, and the cause of this process is a strong deterioration in the structure of the skin around the eyes. The skin becomes flabby and eyelash follicles can not be fixed well in it, so any touch with hands or mechanical devices to the eyelids, leads to the loss of hair. To suspend this process you have to use the castor oil in conjunction with other oils.

Once and for all to solve the problem, we need to mix equal amounts of grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, rose, almond and linseed oil. The resulting mixture should be applied on the eyelids and eyelashes, keep about an hour and rinse with tonic. Procedure should be performed once a day for 2-3 weeks.

From the loss of eyelashes the mask from castor oil will also help much. For the preparation of the required mask, you need to do the mixture of castor, burdock oils and vitamin E. The ingredient are mixed in equal parts and are applied to the eyelashes with a cotton swab. Procedure should be carried out before going to bed, and wash the composition in the morning. A week later, you have noticeable the results.

To strengthen the eyelashes and hair loss this recipe will suspend also. To make it, you will need to mix in equal parts castor, almond, burdock oil, fish oil and vitamin E. Instead of burdock oil you can use olive oil. The mixture is applied to the eyelashes and washed off after about an hour. To get the result, the procedure should be carried out every day for one month. The total number of procedures per year should not exceed 3-4.

Thus, we are found that castor oil for eyelashes really effective, especially when used in conjunction with other oils and additives. Remember that the safest purchase any oil in the pharmacies, rather than in the shops.