How and When to Apply Sunscreen?


  • How to choose a sunscreen?
  • How to use sunblock for your skin?
  • When to apply sunscreen?

When summer is knocking by sunbeams in each window, we begin to prepare for beach season. The sun gives strength to us, nourishes energy, and also contributes to the generation of an active vitamin D, which is extremely difficult to obtain from food.

However, the sun can not only bring happiness and joy, but also serious trouble. In view of the ever-changing environmental conditions, and, not for the better, the planet’s ozone layer is getting thinner and therefore more passes ultraviolet radiation, which is not only harmful to our skin, in large doses, it is even dangerous. Besides the unpleasant moments in the form of unwanted pigmentation (freckles), excessive drying, and so on, may have more serious trouble. For this you need to know how to choose a sunscreen rightly.

Before the hottest days, it is necessary to purchase a quality and effective sunscreen for the face, because our skin is very sensitive and gentle, and it reacts very much to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. Even if you are not fond of beach, the sun is still able to get to your skin when you just walk down the street.

How to choose a sunscreen?

How to choose a sunscreen?

How to choose a sunscreen?

So, how to choose a sunscreen correctly for your face to protect the skin in the summer? This question takes attention of every girl or woman. The answer is simple enough for someone who is familiar with the basic rules, and once he understood, the future problems and issues would not happen again.

  1. If you need a daily make-up, use sunscreen to face, as a basis for it.
  2. Try to pick a means, the most suitable for your skin type.
  3. More lighter your skin, more higher degree of protection from UV rays your sunscreen should provide.
  4. Choose a sunscreen exceptionally of high quality, proven and reliable.

But to make the right choice is not so easy, especially given the fact that the market of cosmetic products every year there are more and more means, which promise the perfect care and maximum protection. You should not unconditionally trust advertising, but also to pass it by ear without attention will also be wrong. The best option is, of course, a consultation with a beautician, who thoroughly knows the exact features of your skin, and can give practical and useful advice. However, such a specialist can not be taken on vacation with you, so in an emergency you will have to get out with your own efforts.

How to use sunblock for your skin?

First of all, look carefully at the packaging of each means, set out on the shelves in the store, as well as listen to the consultant’s recommendations how to use sunblock. In retail stores that sell high-quality products (which usually means very expensive products), the entire staff, anyway has the appropriate knowledge in cosmetology, or even have a permanent specialist who will gladly help you choose the ideal sunscreen for the face.

You can also find out by yourselves how to use sunblock, at least at a basic, entry level, in the mysteries of the biochemical processes of the skin for this you do not need to penetrate, as the talent of a chemical is not given to everybody. On each tube of sunscreen there is a corresponding mark, which indicates some degree of protection from UV of each sunscreen. Marking of sunscreen for the face, first of all, means Sun Protection Factor (SPF), that is, itself sun protection factor that can have an index from 5 to10 (minimum protection), from 60 to100 (maximum protection).

Usually the blondes have the lightest skin color, their delicate and thin skin requires a special protection, continuous, gentle and careful care. So the index SPF of sunscreen should be the highest from 40 to 50 and above. These means are also ideal for dry or flaky skin.

Brunettes, even with fairly light colour of skin, are less prone to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, therefore suitable sunscreen with an index SPF of 20-40.

Swarthy beauties are lucky, of course, more than anyone else. Dark skin is not almost afraid of ultraviolet radiation. However, from premature appearance of fine lines that appear under the influence of the sun, they need to protect their face also. You can choose a cream that has SPF of 5-20, and this would be sufficient.

By the way, the widespread delusion among girls is the fact that many think the inscription SPF means that tan is absolutely impossible. This is a misconception, since these means are to protect the skin from UVB-radiation, which are the most harmful and dangerous, causing redness and even burns. But in this case, UVA-radiation, which causes increased production of melanin by the body that is responsible for sunburn, can freely do their “job”.

How to use sunblock for your skin?

How to use sunblock for your skin?

Among other things, the means that contain the sunscreen for the face, it is possible, of course, be divided into two separate sub-categories:

  1. Filters containing organic compounds.
  2. Sunscreens, which are dominated by inorganic substances.

Organic filter-components penetrate deeply into the epidermis and convert light energy into thermal, but sunscreens with inorganic components, in contrast, remain on the surface and act as reflectors.

Organic filters, of course, work better and more intense, but people who are prone to allergic reactions, or simply for the owners of hypersensitive skin, they may not be appropriated.

The inorganic sunscreens do not have a deep-down action, but can easily be erased from the surface of the skin, it is perhaps their only drawback.

When to apply sunscreen?

You must remember that from the correct application of the cream depends largely, and its effectiveness. With daily use in the usual conditions for you, when sunscreen can be also applied with a normal cream, you need to take into account the components. That is, if you use a means, containing organic compounds, then it should be applied first. If a cream with inorganic substances, you do not need to cover them, as any substances can be simply wiped off your skin.

Do not forget when to apply sunscreen. Only before you go outside. At least, apply the cream on your face before 10-20 minutes. It should also take into account the fact that all sunscreens including cream, can not be stored for more than one single season. At any case a suitable cream can not be reserved for future use, because the appearance of rash or redness, due to the use of obsolete means may seem childish prattle.