How a 45-Years Old Woman to Look Young

A modern woman at 45 years old feels younger than women felt two hundred years ago. At that time, thirty-year-old women were considered women of the age, in our time women aged 40 and older are considered. But not necessarily a woman at this age should be an old junk, which is subject to write-off from the accounts of life. A woman looks so old as she feels, and if a woman feels like an old woman, then she has grown old. As a 45 year old woman looks young – this is possible thanks to gyms, fashionable clothes, careers, cosmetics, a normal distribution of responsibilities in the family, 45 year old women look brisk, fresh and good.

A mature woman chooses whether to be beautiful and happy at this age, and nothing will ever age a woman if she has decided to put on her appearance, her fate and herself a fat cross. Often women at this age make themselves terrible and embalmed creatures, do it unconsciously, but when a woman stops looking after herself, she falls and quickly ages.

A woman aged most of all looks old if she starts to look like a girl. From the outside it is unpleasant to look when a woman puts on her face a flashy coloring makeup, wears a mini-skirt, and put on shoes on high hills.

To not grow old yourself ahead of time, remember the simple rules:

1) You need to dress according to the classic fashion, do not copy the youth trends of fashion. It is the best ways to look younger. If a woman at 45 years old wants to extend her biological age, she should be elegant enough and restrained, dressed to not look pathetic and funny in the eyes of people. Mature ladies should have a delicate taste in clothes and be the top of grace and style.

If a woman has an excellent figure and shape, and her face looks young, it makes sense to wear tight tops. But if a woman’s face is wrinkled, then even on a cool figure a short skirt and a T-shirt will look miserable, disharmony will be felt.

If the woman has cellulite, and the chest is hanging, then there is nothing to disgrace and expose yourself to the chickens for laughter. You will be helped by stylish costumes and classic elegant dresses.

2) Shoes of a mature woman should be comfortable, classic shoes, sandals or boots are shoes on a low heel from 2 to 6 centimeters, this is what you need.

3) A woman aged to look young, it is better not to paint nails with defiant, bright colors, both on legs and on hands. Normal men generally scared off too lurid colors and long nails on women of any age. A classic pedicure and manicure with a clear varnish or varnish of purple or brown color will not scare away the men, but will demonstrate the accuracy and grooming of the woman.

4) A daring, catchy, bright makeup will not forgive a mature lady for 45 years. Follow the rule of anti aging skin treatment, make a classic make-up, which is in harmony with the type of person, try to be attractive, but that all this is not striking.

5) Many women in 45 years old and disfigured wrong haircut done. There is not that forgotten hairdresser’s art when the hairdress was selected for the client’s face type and from the three hairs there were created paradise hides. A woman aged wants to look younger. A very short boyish haircut and loose long hair do not give a woman a youthful charm, but turn her into an embalmed mummy. It will look good classic hairstyle from not too long and not too short hair, the hair color should be close to the natural color that occurs in women. But the purple hair on the head of 45 year old women will look ridiculous.

Women’s beauty in women at the age of this concept is individual, and one does not need to row all in one comb, which is suitable for one woman, can simply look disgustingly on the head of another. Hair dark tones, ashy hair, blue-black will age. Everything should be individual, you need to analyze, feel, look, try and try again, even if the first attempt was not successful.

A very old woman hairstyle, when the hair protrudes a hedgehog, such women are often seen by men as indeterminate sex. They are referred to as “mature aunties”. Less use of henna, from her hair becomes unpleasant and tough to the touch. A woman’s hair, as well as shoes, make-up, clothes should make a woman womanly.

How a 45 Year Old Woman to Look Young

How a 45 Year Old Woman to Look Young

6) Complaints to ungrateful children, a bad husband, complaints to the life make the woman old for a few years. Often such women like to suffer for show. This phenomenon has been explained by modern psychotherapy. At the subconscious level, when a woman flaunts her sufferings, she receives an inexplicable pleasure from this, besides manipulating them, she tries to bargain for herself with some comfort. But whether a woman does this depends on her acting skills, but in general terms the mechanism of suffering is this.

When a woman at the age of 45 complains that she is an old woman, her words literally in a couple of years turn her into an old woman. After all, words and thoughts are material, and if they are often repeated, they take root at the subconscious level and sprout into the consciousness of a person.

Women of age must refuse to suffer for the public, because you must be strong, for the sake of people who love you, the welfare of loved ones and relatives, for your own happiness and for yourself. Do not moan, complain, but work, rolling up your sleeves. Love life, be active, live, laugh, smile. Because the fact that you are alive is a great gift. It is necessary to wisely and carefully dispose of a valuable gift – time, it flows imperceptibly, take it by socially useful or personal labor.

7) Flabby hands, lowered corners of the lips, creases on the neck, bags under the eyes, wrinkles at the ears, on the cheeks – show the age. Therefore, you need to use makeup tips for women over 40 and to resort to the help of masks, mud baths or contact a plastic surgeon.

8) Nothing so young at the age of 45, if there is a love, nothing can lead her out of peace, because she is loved and in love. Her walk becomes flying, the skin is smoothed.

9) Overweight old woman at any age. Therefore, you need to do exercises every day in the gym or at home, then the woman will look cheerful and fresh in 70 years. And to declare a fight superfluous carbohydrates need to lean on cereals, fish, vegetables, eat less meat, fatty and sweet food, more to walk.

According to folk wisdom, in 20 years such a God created it, at the age of 30 she looks like she wants herself, and in 40 years looks like she deserves it.

In the end, let’s add, as a 45-year-old woman looks young, the conclusion is quite simple – benevolence, optimism and a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain an excellent appearance, regardless of the calendar age.