Homemade Treatment for Hair Growth with Nicotinic Acid

Not everyone knows that nicotinic acid is used in the composition of our shampoos. And also it is a part of masks and treatments, herbal remedies for increasing for hair growth and volume.

Nicotinic acid acts on hair scalp and therefore increases the blood circulation of the hair follicles, thereby accelerating hair growth, and hair becomes well-groomed and healthy. And another advantage of the acid is that it improves damaged hair, also it aids in restoring gray hair. And further it prevents aging, and becoming gray as well. Niacin hair is most often used by people who suffer from abundant hair loss. Acid helps effectively this serious problem with the hair.

homemade treatments for faster hair growth

Homemade Treatment for Hair Growth with Nicotinic Acid

Thus, the advantage of using nicotinic acid include:

  • Easy way to use;
  • Nicotinic acid may be used both in pure form and mixed, i.e. to add a variety of masks and balsams;
  • It does not have sharp or odor;
  • Does not lead to the dryness of the scalp.

Homemade Treatment for Hair Growth with Nicotinic Acid

Thus, for the preparation of an effective hair mask with nicotinic acid, we need 2-3 ampoules of nicotinic acid (vial are taken depending on the length of our hair, if the hair is long, we will take 3-4 ampoules, if the hair is short, we need 1-2 ) and a second component: all infusions of herbs such as burdock root and nettle, mother and stepmother, calendula, sweet flag grass, etc.

All the components of a mask have to be mixed, and then gently lubricated in the scalp and applied the mask on the length of hair. Then cover the hair under the film: wrapped in a plastic bag, and the towel, so we keep an hour and a half hours.

After we rinse with warm water. In no case shall not hot water!!!

Trichologists advise to apply Niacin for effective treatment:

  • Plentiful and strong hair loss;
  • Slow hair growth;
  • Dryness of the scalp and hair follicles;
  • The emergence of strong dandruff;
  • Noticeable balding hair, without recovery.

If you do not have allergies and other adverse reactions, the recovery of hair using nicotinic acid very efficiently and effectively.