Homemade Skin Care with Chamomile: Complex effect


  • Homemade Skin Care with Chamomile: A Magical Transformation of the Skin.
  • Homemade Face Treatment with Chamomile: Indications and Contraindications.
  • The Kinds of Homemade Face Treatment with Chamomile.

At first glance very simple daisy has an amazing healing power, that is capable without chemicals to cure many serious diseases.

Its miracle broth, which is so easy to prepare at home, can give all the tenderness and charm of daisies to our face. If properly prepare and use it wisely, decoction of chamomile will give to our face the skin rejuvenating, soothing, whitening, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and moisturizing effect. The secret of such a comprehensive cosmetic homemade skin care is in substances, that are contained in chamomile infusion.

Homemade Skin Care with Chamomile:

A Magical Transformation of the Skin

homemade skin care

Homemade Skin Care with Chamomile: Complex effect on the skin

The regular use of homemade skin care with chamomile has a truly wonderful effect on the skin, thanks to its valuable composition, rich in active substances, organic acids, flavonoids, vitamins and trace elements:

  • HAMAZULEN is a natural active substance underlying the essential oil contained in the infusion of chamomile: has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties;
  • SESQUITERPENE HYDROCARBONS envelop the skin with a protective film;
  • SESQUITERPENE ALCOHOLS have soft skin exposure;
  • CAPRYLIC ACID has antifungal properties and relaxes the muscles of the face;
  • FLAVONOIDS protect the skin from harmful UV rays and make it healthy and radiant color;
  • COUMARIN promote skin regeneration and make it more flexible;
  • SITOSTEROL improves subcutaneous microcirculation , which resulted in increasing the access of oxygen to the cells that actively begin to breathe and work in full force;
  • CHOLINE known as wound healing and stimulating metabolism substance;
  • CAROTENE makes skin incredibly smooth – you can tell, even and silky appearance and to the touch;
  • ORGANIC ACID deeply moisturize the skin, promote its rejuvenation, age spots do paler;
  • POLYSACCHARIDES, forming a protective film on the skin, do not give it to lose it is necessary for hydration.

Homemade skin care with chamomile is a beauty salon for your face, which employs the unique natural master-cosmetologists like those substances, which have been listed above. Each of them performs its function, working with tired skin cells, which begin to age. And together they give a stunning effect, causing the skin come alive and shine with health and beauty. This wonderful doctors need only your help: to prepare the decoction with chamomile, given all the indications and contraindications to its use.

Homemade Face Treatment with Chamomile:

Indications and Contraindications

Chamomile decoction as cosmetic means can be applied by everyone, regardless of skin type and age:

  • calms the irritated skin;
  • moisturizes the dry skin;
  • eliminates the acne rash on the skin (here it should be noted, that a decoction takes effect only if before applying it not squeeze blackheads and pimples by hand, otherwise you can get exactly the opposite result);
  • will contribute to the rejuvenation of sagging, aging skin, smoothing out wrinkles;
  • whitens the skin pigmentation suffering;
  • makes healthier the oily skin;
  • removes the puffiness and under-eye circles.

In fact, there is not such a skin problem, that the homemade face treatment with chamomile would not have coped. However, every woman, before taking up rejuvenation manner, should make sure, that she does not have an allergy to this herb. To do this, wrap with cooked broth must be imposed on the wrist. If there is not the irritation, itching, or redness after an hour, you can safely wipe face decoction of chamomile, which is easy to prepare yourself at home.

The Kinds of Homemade Face Treatment with Chamomile

homemade face treatment

Homemade Skin Care with Chamomile: Complex effect on the skin

To prepare the chamomile decoction is very easy, but how to apply? There are several ways to use the chamomile decoction for healing skin:

  • WASH

Daily rinsing the face with cool chamomile decoction gives the skin an extraordinary cheerfulness, will tone up and improve its color.


Prepared before the chamomile decoction (preferably, at room temperature or slightly warmed) is good to wipe your face instead of tonic: so, the active ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin and will enhance the metabolic processes in cells.


If the chamomile decoction pour in special molds and leave in the freezer for a day, you can get a unique cosmetic means, which will effect on the skin as soon as possible: it becomes more pure, elastic, resilient. To do this, wipe your face frozen chamomile decoction 2 or even 3 times a day, as fatigue and stress.


Compresses of chamomile decoction is recommended not only to remove the stress and tiredness from the skin, but also will help to eliminate problems such as pimples, acne, black spots and dark spots. If you make such packs regularly (at least, a couple times a week) these problems will be over very soon.

  • In the composition of cosmetic face masks

Homemade facial masks can be done on the water, but the greatest impact will be to provide the means, which are based will lie the chamomile decoction.

There are many options to use, so there is plenty to choose from. Chamomile is a cute and charming flower, that is ready to present its charm for your skin in the form of its miracle chamomile decoction.