Homemade Products for Oily Skin

Recently, the use of homemade products is becoming more and more popular. Since it contains only natural ingredients and it has many nutrients.

Especially face powder is very relevant for women with this type of skin and is the most used homemade products for oily skin. It can be easily prepared at home using the mature seeds of cucumber and rice grains.

For this it is necessary to take a very ripe cucumber, cut it in half, take the seeds. Then dry them well, but do not wash them.

Take 2 tablespoons of these seeds and put them in a coffee grinder, grind to a fine powder.

Also take 2 tablespoons of rice grains and grind them.

homemade products for oily skin 1

homemade products for oily skin 2

Mix both powder and keep in one clean and dry jar.

This powder can be stored directly on the dressing table. Or in empty box from the old powder.

Powder should be applied only with clean cotton, not a reusable sponge.

When you apply this powder to your face, the colour will be a little brighten, but after a couple of minutes the color will return to natural.

This wonderful powder removes the shine from your face very well, and only brings benefits to your skin.

This recipe is used even by our show-stars. Watch the video….