Homemade Natural Face Masks with Vegetables

We know about the benefits of vegetables as a healthy food, but somehow forget that they can be good cosmetic ingredients and can provide decent care for any skin types. Full of vitamins and minerals, masks from vegetables are easy to prepare at home. They do not take a lotof time and quite worthless.

Homemade Natural Face Masks with Vegetables

Each vegetable is valuable by its own way, because one prevails with vitamin C, and theother is full of vitamins B. But all the masks with vegetables have typical and universal properties; they have a beneficial effect on theskin:

  • vitamins – the unique organic substances, the lack of which leads to wilting and rapid aging of the skin, especially the skin needs vitamins C, E and vitamin B, which are the main guardians of the health of our skin; 
  • micronutrients – is useful chemicals that are the building blocks of skin cells: the lack of them often develop various skin diseases potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc – they nourish and protect the skin, stimulate the metabolic processes occurring in its cells; 
  • organic acids – natural oxidants that give the skin a second youth, protecting its cells from free radicals and other harmful environmental effects.

It mustbe remembered that the most vitamins and minerals found only in fresh vegetables. So no need to pour over the vegetables by steam or boil before the preparation.

Masks of Vegetables: Indications and Contraindications

To be pleased by using of facials made from vegetables, you have to know the properties of avegetable to use it for correct purposes.

For example:

  • carrot mask improve complexion;
  • cabbage whiten skin perfectly, eliminating age spots;
  • tomato masks have peeling effect;
  • potato has a rejuvenating effect onthe skin;
  • pumpkin mask make life easier for problem skin, having a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect;
  • universal mask of different kinds of vegetables will have a complex effect onthe skin.

If you have an allergic reaction at any vegetable, the mask based on it is contraindicated.

Best Recipes of Homemade Natural Face Masks

I offer the unusual recipes masks, the miraculous impact of which you probably were not even aware.


  • Of pepper Homemade Natural Face Masks

Grind pepper of midsize into mush, add the olive oil (1 tablespoon).


  • Rhubarb Homemade Natural Face Masks

Flesh rhubarb (2 tablespoons) mixed with cream (tablespoon) and crushed cereal (tablespoon).


  • Corn Homemade Natural Face Masks

Corn flour (tablespoon) mixed with egg white.


  • Horseradish Homemade Natural Face Masks

In equal proportions mix mashed horseradish, egg yolk and cream.


  • Artichoke Homemade Natural Face Masks

Young green chop artichokes, mixed in equal proportions with sour cream (2 tablespoons) and add honey (2 teaspoons).

  • Apply these masks on the clean skin for 15-20minutes and wash them off with warmwater. Use them 1-2 times per week.

Rich invitamins and trace elements, vegetables face are undoubted benefits which should not be neglected in your daily skin care.