Homemade Facial Masks Recipes with Curd

Since ancient times facial masks recipes with curd have been used successfully in cosmetics . Do not neglect experience of ancestors, and before you buy expensive cosmetics or go to the saloon of beautician , try to make at home a mask-based on cottage curd. Certainly, the result will make you happy .

Masks of curd are excellent moisturizing and emollient for all skintypes . Quark has a positive effect on skin due to protein which is in this product – it makes the skin soft and velvety , and thanks to the acidity of curd skin becomes taut and gets a fresh look.

Cottage curd is versatile means, which in combination with variety of ingredients is suitable forall skin-types. It is rich in variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals, and most importantly – it is natural and proven product that when used correctly is not able to harm your skin. Curd mask perfectly groomed : nourish, moisturize and soften skin , slows aging process .

Nearly all curd -based masks applied to skin for 20minutes , after which they should be washed with lukewarm or cold water .

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Some Facial Masks Recipes with Curd for Different Skin Types

1. Mask of Curd plus Eggs forall Skin Types

Owners of dry skin for making this mask have to use cheese with a high percentage of fat and egg yolk . For oily skin, the best fit non-fat cottage cheese plus egg whites .

Yolk or protein are need to beat well , add 2tablespoons of curd, mix everything thoroughly until a smooth mask. If the mixture will be too dry , add little milk to it .

This mask moisturizes dry skin perfectly, and oily skin will have a slightly astringent and nourishing effect at same time.

2. Whitening Mask of Curd and Hydrogen Peroxide

When used regularly, this mask will help you get rid of age spots and traces of acne and pimples .

Whisk one egg yolk , add to it 2tablespoons of curd, mash thoroughly and then drip into the mixture of 5drops of 3 %hydrogen peroxide. Apply mask on face , avoiding eye area and lips. No more than 15minutes, rinse with alittle bit cool water. If you have dry skin of face , then to mitigate the effects of the mask dries turn in the 1teaspoon of honey .

3. Curd Mask for Dry Skin

You will need:

  • Pulp of ripe banana
  • Fat cottage cheese
  • Warm milk

Mix all ingredients to get the weight consistency of thick cream . If desired, you can use milk instead of heavy-cream or sour cream, but instead of a banana – persimmon .

4. Curd Mask for Oily Skin

Mix cottage cheese with low-fat yogurt , yogurt or sour milk until smooth thick mixture and apply as a mask on face.

This mask removes shine and will establish the metabolic processes in skin.

5. Curd Mask for Aging Skin

To prepare masks mix the following components :

  • 1tablespoon of curd
  • 1teaspoon of honey
  • 2teaspoons lemon juice
  • 2tablespoons warm milk

Rinse off mask should first warm, and then – with cool water.

6. Antioxidant Mask forall Skin Types

Grind 1tablespoon of curd, mix it with 2tablespoons of cold welding sheet of green tea without additives. Apply mixture on face as a mask , and after 20minutes, rinse withwarm water.

7. Nourishing Mask based on Cottage Cheese

It nourishes and nourishes skin with natural substances , tones and rejuvenates it , improves the complexion.


  • 1teaspoon of sour cream
  • One chicken egg yolk
  • 1teaspoon of honey
  • Pinch of baking soda
  • 2teaspoons of curd

You need to mix allthe above ingredients , then leave the mixture for twenty minutes in a sealed container .

the resulting mixture should be put on face plus neck , leave for half an hour , rinse withwarm water , wipe the face of frozen ice ( iced green tea or brewed chamomile) . Apply a nourishing mask should be no more than twice a week

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Facial Masks Recipes with Yogurt and other Ingredients

1 ) Mask of Cheese for Normal Skin

1tablespoon of low-fat curd + 1teaspoon of strong tea + 1teaspoon olive oil.
Apply mask for 15minutes and rinse. Rinse off the mask best broth parsley .

2 ) Mask of Curd and a Banana for Dry Skin

1tablespoon of curd + 1tbsp pulp banana + 2tablespoons warm milk.
Apply for 15minutes and rinse withwarm water .

3) Mask of Curd and Persimmon for Dry Skin

1tablespoon of curd + 1tablespoon persimmon pulp + one egg yolk + 1tablespoon of sour cream.
Apply for 15-20minutes and rinse with not cold water .

4) Mask of Curd for Combination Skin

10 sorrel leaves chop until a mushy mass + 1tablespoon of curd + 1teaspoon honey + 1beaten egg white .
Apply mask on for 20minutes and rinse with strong brewed tea.

5) Whitening Mask of Curd

2tablespoon of curd + one egg yolk ( or protein for oily skin ) + lemon juice + 2teaspoon chopped parsley .
Apply for 20minutes and rinse withwarm water .

6) Nourishing Mask of Curd

1tablespoon of curd + 1tablespoon grated carrots on a fine grater + 2tablespoons of olive oil.
Apply for 20minutes and rinse withwarm water .

7) Very Nourishing Mask with addition of Flax Seed Broth

Prepare a decoction of flax seed – Pour 2 teaspoon flax seed one cup of boiling water , boil for 15minutes on low heat , then leave to cool .
Then, 1 table spoon of curd + 2 tablespoons flax broth + 1teaspoon of honey.
Apply for 20minutes and rinse with not cold water .

Facial Mask Recipe with Cucumber and Yogurt