Homemade Facial Masks for Wrinkles

Most of the nutrients get inside the skin cells when blood transports them vitamins and minerals necessary for their normal functioning .

But most of the substances spread by blood absorbed by internal systems of body , and skin often suffers from a lack of vitamins and as the result we begin to have more and more wrinkles. To rid the skin of such an unpleasant beriberi , you need to feed more and outside cells , and for this there is a special facial mask – nourishing homemade facial masks, which is easy to prepare at home .

Why do We Need Homemade Facial Masks ?

Skin cells live a special life : it is small organisms that breathe and eat at the expense of metabolic processes that occur in them . If the cell does not get adequate nutrition, firstly, the processes slow down in it , then – fade , and the cell dies as result . The more cells are killed , the worse the condition of skin . Hence, the skin must be nourished constantly to cells lived and functioned well . For this there nourishing homemade face masks , which are :

  • thanks to their vitamin content , they give the cells all the necessary nutrients ;
  • improving circulation and increases the access of oxygen to the cells ;
  • regenerates dampened and ill, but not yet dead cells ;
  • protects them from further destruction .

Effective and nutritional homemade face masks for wrinkles extend the life of cells and ensure their smooth operation . This improves skin color , it becomes more supple and beautiful .

homemade facial masks

Homemade Facial Masks : Indications and Contraindications

When it comes to use nourishing facial masks : how to understand that this was the moment when the cells are in particular need extra power ? Recommendations for use of these miracle cures have a fairly wide range :

  • winter and spring, when there is period of beriberi , nutrient lacking nutrients throughout the body, including the skin;
  • during periods of nervous tension , when you experience a state of stress or depression , it is important to calm the skin cells that will respond to violations in your nervous system, dryness, peeling , irritation and loss of healthy color ;
  • if you are working with harmful chemicals or other harsh conditions , the more you have to constantly worry about additional nutritional vitamins skin of his face ;
  • when you are 30 years old it is also the time to think more about your skin care .

Do not be lazy to feed your skin with special pet masks. Try to make them with the most natural and quality products, fresh and carefully as much as possible . Typically , nutritious facials have only one contraindication – idiosyncrasy of one component. Therefore, pay special attention to the recipes that contain allergenic foods : honey, eggs , citrus fruits , etc.

homemade facial masks with cream

The Best Homemade Facial Masks for Wrinkles

To choose the right recipe nutritional facials, which focuses primarily on type of your skin . No need to use a mask with the protein if you have dry skin : it needs more nutritious element – the yolk. But for oily skin is not recommended as part of a fat sour cream masks. Remember that the correct choice will depend on the recipe and the result itself .

  • 1 . Yolk and Honey Mask for Dry Skin

Yolk mixed with 1teaspoon of honey, which is better to pre-heat over steam , and glycerol ( also 1 teaspoon ) . This nourishing hydrating facial mask can be stored in refrigerator up to three days, and on face of it can be kept for about two hours .

  • 2 . Olive Warming Mask for Aged Skin

A little olive oil to heat until warm , moisten it roll into a cotton cloth and apply on face , avoiding the eyes , nose, mouth . Cover with parchment paper , and then – with a warm towel . 20 minutes at high temperatures the pores expand and absorb all of the olive oil needed for cell substance.

  • 3 . Sea Buckthorn Mask for Normal / Combination Skin

Buckthorn berries are knead , mix two tablespoons of berry mixture with egg , previously beaten to a froth .

Protein whipped into foam , add the juice squeezed from half a lemon and a pinch of salt .

  • 5 . Potato Mask for Dry and Aged Skin

Cook the potato in a uniform, stretch in skin with a fork , add to the resulting mash tablespoon milk and egg yolk (be careful that they do not have folded if potato is too hot ) . Mask is applied while still warm , and the top face is better to cover the warm cloth to create a greenhouse effect to extend far.

  • 6 . Curd Mask for Pigmented Skin

Cottage cheese first freshness ( two tablespoons ) mixed with egg yolk , how to stir the mixture turned without lumps , add 3-4 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Additional whitening effect of this particular nutrient mask will make you happy .

  • 7 . Carrot Mask for Dull Skin

Grated carrots ( two tablespoons ) to mix with beaten egg whites and add 1teaspoon of starch or milk powder . This nourishing mask , rich in retinol , and more noticeably revitalize the color of your face.

To ensure your skin regular meals and protect it from beriberi , be sure to use these homemade facial masks for wrinkles to prolong their youth and always look fresh and beautiful .