Homemade Face and Body Scrubs with Coffee

I think every woman knows that the effectiveness of home cosmetology is its natural ingredients. And one of these famous components is the coffee, which anciently gave to people courage and strength.

The first beauty of the great civilizations have used coffee bath, various masks and scrubs made from coffee grounds or seeds, and it brought them youth and beauty during the long time.

Homemade Face and Body Scrubs with Coffee

• Take 100g of ground coffee, fill it with boiling water (very little) to bring a thick porridge and leave for 15 minutes in a sealed container. Then,add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a coffee gruel. You can take the olive, almond, grape seed oil. Then add the essential oils with anti-cellulite effect: grapefruit, orange, eucalyptus, cypress, rosemary, juniper, bergamot, cinnamon.

For this amount of the mixture you can add 8-10 drops of essential oils. Finally, mix well. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Apply 2-3 times a week after the hot bath: apply to wet steamed skin and make massage for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with large amounts of running water. It is good the use of the contrast showers (hot water alternating with cold).

• A body scrub can be made from the used coffee grounds. After the shower make massage with coffee grounds of the steamed body , or mix it with shower gel. Massaging for 5-10 minutes, wash off.
After the first treatment, the skin becomes soft and smooth. Regular use of a coffee body scrub leaves the skin smooth and supple, reduces the appearance of cellulite.

• Weightless texture of body scrub with honey and natural ground coffee gently and effectively without causing irritation, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, promotes the gradual rejuvenation of the skin. To do this, you need a 1:1 mix ground coffee with honey.