Homemade Cosmetic Ice with Mint and Celery

Interesting recipe of homemade cosmetic ice from the Russian girl. Since she lives in an industrial town, and it is not the purest place, plus in winter our skin needs more protection and care. The most important thing for her – protection, nutrition and good hydration.

Recently, she has become in great interest of cosmetic ice. She bought it at the pharmacy, but then she realized that she could prepare it perfectly at home.

The main purposes are – it is very difficult for the girl to wake up in the morning and she does not look in the best way.
Cosmetic ice and a cup of strong tea – what causes her in order. She chose what she needed.

The most important thing for her in the morning – the freshness and vigor, so she immediately stopped on celery and mint.

She has been looking very long time for the right combination, the right balance, while freezing, boiling time and rest on its laurels.

What are required for Homemade Cosmetic Ice:

  • celery;

homemade cosmetic with celery

  • mint;

homemade cosmetic with mint

  • and water.

How to prepare a cosmetic ice:

1. You will need two plastic cups, or some other non-metallic container.

2. Put 400-500 ml of water, and bring it to a boil. At this time grate celery.

3. When the water reaches a boil, turn it off, add 20-30 fresh mint leaves. If you have not not fresh mint – two teaspoons of dry pharmacy mint.

4. Cover broth with lid on for 4-5 minutes. Drain the water into another container, mint can be thrown out, because if it is there for a long time – the skin will be very dry, and this we do not need.

5. When the water cools down to 40 degrees – add the celery. Previously the celery could not added as it will be cooked. Insist somewhere 40 minutes.

6. Drain again. Poured into two glasses (important). First cup – it leaves untouched. In the second, add a little bit of soda, 5 drops of lemon juice. First cup – for daily ice, with additives – for night ice.

7. Spill in molds. Do not forget where you have different ice.

8. Freeze overnight, preferably in cellophane to ice is not absorbed the odors fridge and use safely.

One cube is enough for one procedure.

Result is individual, so just tell about their experiences.

– Freshness;
– Moisturizing;
– After week of use the eye bags disappeared
– Skin becomes velvety and pleasant to the touch (after 4-5 days of use)