Home Treatment for Cellulitis Infection

If you suffer from cellulite, try these proven home treatment for cellulitis infection:

1. Minimum time:

you can rub apple cider vinegar to the cellulite places on the legs, massaging up from the knee to the thigh in the evening after a shower every day. This simple procedure during 2 weeks should dissolve cellulite significantly, no irritation is observed, only the smell.

2. Maximum time:

acetic wraps against cellulite. Dilute apple vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1. You can add lemon oil, peppermint or rosemary. Apply the mixture to the places affected by cellulite. Next, you need to wrap them with plastic wrap. It is advisable to put on some warm clothes and actively move or lie down under a blanket for 0.5-1 hours. The mixture is then washed off and use a moisturizer.

3. It is good to massage the places affected by cellulite with sea salt. There are two big pluses – nails become stronger and cellulite go away.

4. Homemade coffee body wrap for cellulite and fat deposits: in coffee grounds to add blue clay and a little water, it is best mineral water. Massaging, apply to slightly damp skin. Caffeine promotes fat breakdown and clay “pulls” the excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.

Do not forget to change your eating habits and style of life. Otherwise all the procedure will have temporary effect or not effect at all.

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