Home Remedies to Get Longer Eyelashes

It is so good if the nature gave you the long eyelashes fringing your beautiful eyes!

But what we can do if we do not have them?

How to make our look much more vivid and expressive?

Let’s have a look at home remedies to get longer eyelashes.

A great natural remedy for strengthening the roots of eyelashes and stimulate their growth is the use of various natural oils.

First of all, it is castor oil, burdock oil, peach, apricot, almond and jojoba.

Come up and fish oil. Each of these oils nourishes lashes.

But for maximum effect, it is recommended to use a mixture of vitamins and herbal juices.

how to get longer lashes home remedies

Castor oil + rum or brandy (1:1) Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
Castor oil + burdock oil + almond oil + grape seed oil + wheat germ + oil rose + oil linseed oil (all in equal proportions) Comprehensive care for eyelashes: it strengthens the roots, improves growth and increases their volume. In addition, part of the mixture of rose oil soothes irritation of the eyelid skin and slows down the aging process
Castor oil (or fir) + sea buckthorn oil + a few drops of vitamin A (oils are taken in equal proportions) Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
Castor oil + oil extract of Calendula + Chamomile Oil Included in the mixture of castor oil strengthens the roots of eyelashes, stimulates their growth, and herbal extracts have a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and soothing effect, relieves fatigue gas and improve metabolism.
Castor oil + aloe juice + finely chopped parsley (all 1 tsp, massaging the eyelids rub in 1 per day for 1-2 months) Nutrition century and strengthen lashes
Castor oil + burdock + oily solution of vitamin E + aloe (oil in equal proportions to the vitamin oils based 1:3) Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
Castor oil + burdock (or olive oil) + almond oil + fish oil + vitamin E oil solution Improves the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their roots
Castor oil + carrot juice (or brew black tea) Improves the growth of eyelashes, strengthens their roots and gives lashes a darker shade

WARNING: Avoid the contact of oil mixtures on the mucous membrane of the eye. This, of course, is not fatal, but the feeling is not pleasant.

By the way, it would be a good idea to purchase a special massage brush, which is used to apply the natural oils also.

By doing so, you will enhance blood flow to the roots of the eyelashes by massaging them and at the same time to “feed” them. Gentle massage of the eyelid skin enhances the effect of the active components.

Also, the ideal solution would be a complete rejection of cosmetics for the eyes. But in view of the fact, that it is usually impossible – take care of the proper care of your eyelashes. For eye makeup remover, use only the funds for the oil and light cream. Soap and water due to the fact that they dry eye skin is not the best option for you.

The use of the complex of all of the above measures, if not lead to a strong growth of your eyelashes, in any case, they will improve noticeably. But be patient, it’s not “the effect of a single procedure.”

We wish you beautiful and long eyelashes, write in comments when you have the results!