Unusual Headache Remedies of Time-Tested


  • The Most Simple Home Remedies for Headache
  • Unusual Headache Remedies of Time-Tested
  • A Few More Recipes of Headache Relief

Not much, perhaps, there are people who have no clue as to what constitutes a headache. Much more those who are forced to call for help of analgesics or home remedies for headache with no means an enviable constancy. And the circumstances that can provoke the most severe headache, can be very different.

Nervous tension, stress, overwork, abuse of alcohol and nicotine, cold, flu, high blood pressure, fever, allergies and even just an uncomfortable posture – any of these reasons can cause severe migraine attack.

Are you sure that the pain does not indicate serious problems with your health? Then it is necessary to try to cope with it, with the help of home remedies for headache, if only because that the constant use of painkillers is fraught with even greater problems. Indeed, any pill not only treats, but also has on the body side effects – most often negative.

The Most Simple Home Remedies for Headache

Once again the pain falls on your head like a snowball, it is simply impossible to think about anything other than how to quickly remove the headache improvised means.

In an emergency it is possible to use fresh cabbage leaf, simply attach it to the forehead (not forgetting to slightly mash it, to let the cabbage juice). Instead of fresh cabbage leaf leaves peppermint should be fine, or grape leaves. And even slices of raw potato are able to relieve the pain for a few minutes after applying them to the forehead and temples.

Make sure that you have at hand has always been a copper coin. Putting it to his forehead, you can also relieve headaches. As an option – to put on the head of a ring of copper wire.

Many well known to use as an analgesic lemon peel. Clean it from the white inner layer, apply the peel to the temple. Soon the skin under her blush, there will be a burning sensation and pain will pass.

Cut the onion crosswise into 2 halves and attach them to the temples. 5-10 minutes, and from the migraine attack will be over.

Try to rub the temples, forehead and back of the head of garlic slice or cut carrots (quite suitable and radishes).

Soak in vinegar slice of rye bread, wrap it in cheesecloth and attach to the place where the pain is just stronger.

Sometimes, just enough to eat an apple to get rid of the pain. Taking a hot bath, or at least by holding the feet in hot water, can relieve the pain of nervous origin.

With frequent headaches, get rid of the plastic combs and replace them with wooden combs.

Unusual Headache Remedies of Time-Tested

In the old medical manual can be found a little different, but very effective remedy for headache – tea … with a spoon. In fact, everything is quite simple. Holding the hot tea teaspoon, you need to apply it to the nose (if the pain is localized to the right, then to the right wing, and vice versa). It is necessary to cool slightly spoon, dip it in again, and putting a tea now to the earlobe (the same side). Finally Grey cup of tea with the fingertips of both hands, and felt that the pain had disappeared, reward yourself for your efforts some tea.

Unusual Headache Remedies of Time-Tested

Unusual Headache Remedies of Time-Tested

It is not the usual method of getting rid of migraine involves overlaying salt compresses on … waist. Soaked in saline solution (1 tablespoon of salt per 1 liter of water) woolen shawl attached to the body, wrap up warmly back. Repeat the procedure for 8 days, even if the head does not hurt for a long time already.

According to sorcerers, to get rid of constant headaches will help carry on the neck thread of natural amber. And to prevent them useful to drink whey – in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 glass.

A Few More Recipes of Headache Relief

Pour into the pot a handful of chamomile flowers, fill them with water and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Then, covered with a blanket, breathe in the steam for 15 minutes, the pain should subside.

Spread the napkin raw egg yolk and apply to the forehead as a compress. This will remove the headache, and at an elevated temperature helps.

Brewing tea, add a pinch of mint tea. A glass of this fragrant tea will help to cope with a migraine.

Immediately remove an attack even the most unbearable headache help propolis tincture, 20 g of which should be diluted in a glass of vodka or 100 grams of pure alcohol. Then, on a piece of bread to drip 40 drops of tincture and eat immediately.

The most effective folk remedies for headaches matched only by trial, but if the pain became too frequent visitor, do not delay the visit to the doctor – it may be a sign of serious health problems.