Home Pedicure Supplies and Procedure

Often time the woman has only a Saturday night, or until the baby is sleeping. So, it is possible to make the perfect pedicure directly at home?

Procedure of Homemade Pedicure

You will need such home pedicure supplies: a nail file, tweezers for removing cuticle stick of an orange tree, nail scissors, dividers finger, nail polish and a couple of Q-tips. Also, do not do without two-way nail files for pedicure and foot cream, bath salts, bath of hot water and towels. Also great if your manicure kit has an iron scraper and nail file, nail polish.

Dilute bath salts and drip some drops of liquid soap or shower gel in hot water. Soak your feet in the water for at least 15 minutes, then take out and get wet towel.

Take a nail foot and clean your feet after steaming, moving left and right. We try to make the leg very smooth and flowing shape of the foot, like a child, first using the rough side of a nail file, and then – softer. Not only the heel, but the fingers.

Periodically, you need to wet the feet – on dry skin nail files do not work. Neatly sawed rough skin on the fingers. In no case do not cut it!

While leg steamed, gently move the wooden cuticle stick, trim your nails. For convenience, use the separator fingers to get to each finger was more convenient. Ingrown on the sides of the edges do not get a haircut. They are sawed a nail file, pushing the skin. Next, move aside accrued on the nail and the skin and all dirt out with an orange stick. Cut away it with tweezers carefully.

To soften the cuticle, you can use a special gel to remove the cuticle. Tweezers also work well on wet skin. Next, file nails a nail file.

At the end of a nail file treat the entire surface of the foot, aligning its shape, and immediately inflict a nourishing cream.

Degrease the surface of the nails and gently polish them to nail went more smoothly. After the varnish has dried, the oil can be applied to the cuticle.