Home Health Remedies or How to Rejuvenate Your Body

If you read about the properties of herbs, you can find a sufficient number of herbs that can help delay the disease of old age.

Some of them stimulate immune system, and in fact its decline – the first step to all kinds of diseases and aging of internal organs. Other herbs contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that fight the destroyers of healthy cells. Third purify the blood, normalize blood pressure, help maintain health of heart, that is, to prevent the disease from which most people die.

To select herbs for rejuvenation, take your pick on the need of the organism, for this, read the following home health remedies:

To boost immunity, strengthening and cleansing the body of disease-causing microbes in handy pine broth.

Take a handful of young pine branches (best to take the needles from tips of branches), and stir in an enamel bowl, add a tablespoon of there onion skins and a teaspoon of crushed licorice root. Pour two liters of water, simmer over low heat for about 20 min. Then add two more tablespoons of pressures rose hips, boil for another half a minute. The broth pour into a thermos and leave it for 12 hours, then strain. All pine broth to drink for two days.

To maintain hormonal balance and the attractiveness, use the collection of equal parts of sage, linden, chamomile and horsetail.

200 ml of boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of the herbals and leave for 0.5 Hour. Drink the infusion 3 times per day for 0.5 of cup.

To facilitate work of liver and improve the complexion drink tea from following collection of herbs.

Take equal amounts of sage, chamomile, cornflower, hops and grass bitter orange and blackcurrant leaves. Thoroughly mix the herbs, pour a tablespoon of collection cup boiling water. 30 minutes infuse, strain and drink two shots a day.

In order to strengthen walls of blood vessels, maintain normal blood pressure and improve overall drink every day hibiscus tea:

1 teaspoon Sudanese rose petals pour glass of boiling water, leave for good and add honey to taste.

Provide the body with essential vitamins to support the skin’s moisture content at the required level, improve blood circulation and collagen synthesis will help tea from leaves of raspberry, rose and strawberry.

Take these herbs in equal parts, mix well, and one tablespoon of herbals pour 200 ml of boiling water. Then for 0,5 hour to insist, strain and drink for two shots a day.

Jam made ​​from dandelions, will enrich your body with the necessary vitamins and improve metabolism.

To do this, collect 500 pieces of flowers and rinse them thoroughly. Then shift the flowers in an enamel bowl and add 1 KG of sugar, 12 fresh cherry leaves, chopped 2 lemon with zest. Pour a liter of water, bring to a boil. After that Squishy mash until the mixture slurry. Again, put on fire and continue to cook after boiling 2:00, periodically removing the foam. Jam cool and strain it in color and density will be similar to honey.

Recipe Tibetan Tincture of Herbs to Rejuvenate the Body

Prepare infusion of following herbs: Take equal parts of St. John’s wort, chamomile, Helichrysum and birch buds. Grind to powder collection and store in tightly sealed jar.

In the evening, 1 tablespoon of herbals pour 500 ml of boiling water, to insist 20 min., then strain. Mold half of infusion, to leave her in the morning. In the second half, add a teaspoon of honey, after drink , then do not eat or drink . In morning 20 minutes before breakfast drink a 2-nd portion of the infusion, pre- heating it and add the honey. Drink the extract thus needed daily for a month. Spend the course of rejuvenation herbal infusions once a year.