Henna Treatment for Hair Loss: effective way to strengthen hair


  • Henna Treatment for Hair Loss
  • Colorles Henna and Hair Loss: Tips for Use 
  • How to Make a Hair Mask with Colorless Henna

Henna is an inexpensive means, which you can buy in any cosmetic shop today. About dye and medicinal properties of this “red bridesmaid” is known for many of us, but what to do with the colorless henna, it is known not for everyone. Meanwhile, the mask of colorless henna strengthens the hair roots and treats various diseases of the epidermis of the head. If you apply a mask with colorless henna regularly, the curls will shine, become obedient, they will be easily to comb and you can stop falling out.

Henna Treatment for Hair Loss

henna treatment for hair loss

Henna Treatment for Hair Loss: not expensive, but effective way to strengthen your hair

Being a natural product, a colorless henna for hair is a real medicine against seborrhea and alopecia ( intense loss of strands, which can lead to baldness). The chemical composition of the powder is actively working on the processes occurring at the cellular level in the scalp:

  • krizofanol cures the purulent inflammation of the scalp, is famous as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent; the colorless henna dyes your hair in a yellowish color because of it;
  • aloe-emodin – one of the best growth promoters;
  • the shine your hair acquires thanks to emodin;
  • carotene is known for its regenerative properties, so the mask with colorless henna is used to treat damaged, brittle and split strands;
  • tseaksantin and rutin have the restorative properties, so the mask with colorless henna is the best in henna treatment for hair loss;
  • betaine – a natural moisturizer, that can be found in the various care products for dry hair;
  • fisalen makes the colorless henna the effective means in hair natural treatment against dandruff.

Being exposed to such a complex action on the part of biologically active substances, your hair after the colorless grow faster, recover and do not remain on the shoulders, pillows and a hairbrush with the fallen strands. To achieve these results, take time to prepare masks and study the technologies for their application.

Colorles Henna and Hair Loss: Tips for Use

Any means requires the careful handling. So, you need to learn and memorize a few recommendations on how to use colorless henna in henna treatment for hair loss.

  • Observe the indications for use of miraculous powder: dull, lifeless, weakened, brittle, dry hair, split ends, slow growth, falling at all stages of this process, dandruff.

Information on contraindications to avoid the fatal mistakes and unpleasant consequences. Blonde girls have to use this means very carefully, pre-testing on thin, separate strands: colorless henna for blondes – it’s always unpredictable results because the curls can be green or yellowish color.

  • After medical masks with colorless henna is not recommended to dye the hair during the week, as the tint can get uneven.

According to the experts, Iranian colorless henna is the most effective and useful in the henna treatment for hair loss, so if there is such a possibility, it is better to use this type.

  • To breed the powder, it is recommended with purified (filtered) or mineral (without gas) water. You can also use fresh infusions of useful hair herbs: chamomile, sage, nettle, burdock.

Prepared masks should be applied for clean, just washed hair. Hair can be moistened.

  • Firstly, the mask is massaged into the skin and roots, and then – is applied to the strands that are better to use the comb, so that the mass was distributed uniformly over the entire length.

If your hair is long, you need to stab them on top. After that, the head is put on a shower cap, and a large towel wraps on top.

  • The blondes do not need to keep this mask long: ​​maximum – half an hour (if testing on a separate strand gave no green tint). For brown hair and brunettes can keep fearlessly this mask for hour and a half.

If the composition is not prepared with cosmetic oils, it is easily rinsed with plain water at room temperature. For this purpose, you can use the decoctions and infusions of herbs mentioned above.

  • To retain moisture the hair and scalp, colorless henna can be used to treat one every 10-14 days. But it should be done regularly.

To make things right, you can pre-reviews of masks with colorless henna or videos, which provide the detailed instructions for its use. Negative experiences also need to consider not to be disappointed. You can use this substance in its pure, natural form, only dilute with water until creamy. But most of all in this mush are added the other active ingredients, that could enhance the beneficial properties of colorless henna for hair.

How to Make a Hair Mask with Colorless Henna

henna and hair loss

Henna Treatment for Hair Loss: not expensive, but effective way to strengthen your hair

Hair masks, prepared on the basis of a colorless henna, are a lot. Better to start with a classic, and then try the other, picking them on your hair type.

Classical (any type)

100g (dosage depends on the length curls) of colorless henna, diluted with 300 ml of hot water. Applied in the form of heat.

With Oils (against loss)

50 grams of henna mixed with the same amount of natural olive oil, 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of any essential oil (good for hair loss esters pine, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang, coriander, sweet, tea tree). Boiling water is poured the entire mixture, entirely up to the desired consistency.

With Dimeksid (for revitalizing color)

100 grams of henna, diluted with 300 ml of hot water, added a teaspoon of Dimexidum and dining spoon of almond oil.

With Avocado (for dry hair)

100g of henna diluted in 300 ml of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of mashed avocado and a tablespoon of castor oil.

Cosmetic Mask with Clay (for oily hair)

100 grams of henna, diluted with 300 ml of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and blue clay, a tablespoon of castor (can burdock) oil.

Colorless Henna – a unique cosmetic for regular and full home hair care. Therefore, it must occupy a worthy place in the arsenal of beauties, who care about the health and appearance of their precious curls.