Health Benefits of Walnuts: Medicines to Resign?


  • Benefits of Walnuts to Make up for Deficiency of Iodine
  • Healing Health Benefits of Walnuts
  • The Use of Walnut

Walnut – a plant truly unique and amazing in every way. And not only that individual trees can reach 35 meters in height, and age they are sometimes calculated for centuries. The most interesting thing is that it all – from the roots and ending leaves – can be used for medicinal purposes. We know this is not all. And if we include the kernels with pleasure in your diet, add to salads, in confectionery and so on.

And in the roots and the leaves and fruits of walnut contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements and biologically active substances. Did you know, for example, that the walnut helps to restore strength and vigor, and extremely useful to future mums and preschoolers? Or that eating five daily nuts and drank their milk, can be enhanced potency and libido? In turn, the walls and walnut contain a serious supply of nutrients and have amazing properties.

Benefits of Walnuts to Make up for Deficiency of Iodine

As the observation of specialists, lack of iodine in the body is able to trigger the development of many diseases, including disorders of the thyroid gland, breast, uterine, prostate adenoma. Often iodine deficiency turns general weakness, trembling fingers, irritability, forgetfulness, increase in blood pressure.

Benefits of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Iodine deficiency – common among older people, pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who spends much time in front of a computer monitor. It is easy to diagnose. Suffice it before going to bed to put on his forearm a few strips of cotton wool moistened with ordinary iodine. If in the morning you could hardly find (or not find at all) traces of iodine – the problem is obvious. In this situation, the healing properties of walnuts will fall at an opportune moment.

The duration of intake of the broth varies from 1 to 4 weeks – until such time as periodically applied to the skin of iodine is no longer absorbed. The result is the improvement of health, the restoration of mental balance, normalization of metabolism and so on.

It is known that the beneficial properties of walnut stimulates the brain, so even the inhabitants of ancient Greece, this nut called “food for thought”.

Healing Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts are called trees of the family of the same name and their nutty fruit. Since ancient times, walnuts grown in Greece, and in ancient times, these nuts are called “acorns the gods.” Today walnut is cultivated in many countries, and its major producers are Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, France, Turkey, China, India and the United States.

Walnuts widely used in cooking and confectionery. They are used for the manufacture of ice cream, cookies, cakes, pastries, pickles and jams. Additionally, walnuts recommended for patients suffering from increased or decreased gastric acidity. A paste and cream prepared from these nuts are included in the power menu astronauts in orbit.

Walnut oil is used in medicine, cosmetics and painting. From recycled nutshell doing roofing, linoleum, paint, grinding stones, and activated carbon.

The Use of Walnut

Walnuts help with constipation and improve bowel function. Furthermore, walnuts recommended for treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, as well as lack of iron and cobalt salts and vitamin deficiency.

No less useful walnuts and infertility, impotence, fibroids, mastitis, joint diseases, goitre, anemia, hypertension and diabetes. Medications based on walnuts have anthelminthic, wound healing, astringent, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and tonic effect.

In addition, walnuts relieve nervous tension and is recommended for stress, insomnia, problems with attention and memory, headaches, disturbances of brain activity. Also walnut include menu diabetics because their constituent zinc and manganese, have strong hypoglycemic action.

Walnut forced to withdraw such a serious disease, such as diabetes. To deal with it 2 tablespoons. l. walls need to pour vodka, so that it is completely covered them. Insist week. Take tincture daily 5-6 drops of pre-diluted them with two spoons of water. The course of treatment can take anywhere from three weeks to three months, and to monitor its performance allows blood sugar test.

Rubbing vodka infusion of walnut walls efficiently with radiculitis and pain in the joints. Folk medicine prescribes to drink tincture of partitions with prolonged indigestion, to improve memory, to get rid of the headache, uterine fibroids and mastitis, with nervous disorders, insomnia.