Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Health Benefits of Goji Berries which are ELIXIR OF HEALTH AND YOUTH is evident. Goji berries are referred often to as “longevity fruit” or “red diamonds”!

Amazing properties of Goji berries discovered in Tibet in the 7th century. Now they are grown in the fertile valleys on slopes of Himalayas. It is believed that this is unique source of mineral and vitamins.

Glory of berries in no way exaggerated.

Familiarity with Goji Berries in 90 years has led to a real boom. For example, it has become fashionable among Americans include it in diet. In the west, to present day demand for all kinds of recipes “youth elixir” and a diet based on goji berries.

Goji berry, what are they? This is common thorn, is cultivated all over the place . Goji berry – is chaparral 3 meters in height, fruiting from May to October depending on the region. The most valuable are fruits collected in the month of August on the plateau region of Ningxia. The fruits are small coral- red color. They are used in medicine as general tonic, source of C vitamin.

With popularity of this valuable product, ready -to-eat goji berry buy today does not present any difficulties. Only thing that this product is not cheap. But they are worth it!

health benefits of goji berries

Traditional Chinese medicine Berry announced this elixir of life, able to maintain good health for many years. Modern science has also examined its structure and concluded that goji berries have high therapeutic and preventive performance. Dereza ordinary contains the set of natural elements. This 18 amino acids, 21 minerals, polysaccharides, vitamins E, B2, B1, B6.

On nutritional value of goji scientists say the following:

  • Goji juice is rich in minerals, contains more than 30 essential macro – and micronutrients. Thus, 100 g of berries contained 10% human needs Daily production of calcium, about 20 % of zinc and potassium, 90-100% selenium and iron necessary for healthy iodine and germanium, which are rarely found in food.
  • Rich in aminoacids – in 100 grams of berries contain 18 % of their daily needs, including 8 essential aminoacids.
  • Contains vitamin C plus vitamin B.
  • Polysaccharides, which activate immune system and maintain.
  • Antioxidants – phenols plus carotenoids ( beta carotene , lycopene , lutein , kriptosaktin etc.).

In Goji 2 times more antioxidants than green tea 3 times larger than the forest blueberries and 5 times greater than the cranberry.

The most valuable antioxidant – a zeaxanthin whose Goji 70%. Zeaxanthin need lens and retina of eyes. The content of this antioxidant in the blood plasma reduces risk of age-related cataract and glaucoma.

Recommended berry diabetes, anemia, Alzheimer’s disease, vision problems, back pain, pregnancy, as anti-stress agent, for improvement of brain and spinal cord…

Goji berry (Lycium vulgaris) will help keep beauty, youthfulness and longevity!

After the discovery of secrets of longevity and perfect health in Tibetan monks, who even at age of 100 had teeth perfect, and they looked much younger than their peers, with Goji berries have to “hunt ” even Hollywood stars.

The recommended dose of this fruit, called the Goji, which is only 10 grams per day.


– You can drink like a normal Goji juice plus 30 ml 2 times a day,
– Goji add to tea,
– Add milk and fruit shakes,
– Add Goji together with pieces of fruit in morning porridge, muesli and a sweet rice porridge,
– To use as a sauce for ice cream, fruit salad or dessert.
Goji juice – this is rare case where useful is enjoyable. The taste resembles a combination of Goji cherries, cranberries and pomegranates.

How to prepare:

Boil berries such amount of boiling water , which would provide the desired concentration of infusion. Let it stand for 0.5 hour.

Fragrant and gently sweet drink with a rather piquant acidity, according to experts, you gotta love.

Do not forget to eat fruits of berries, for it is in them, and concluded an unusually healing power, which may be able to transform your life.

goji berries