Have You Insomnia? Leave Worries Behind the Threshold of Bedroom


  • The Main Reasons of Insomnia
  • How to Get Rid of Insomnia

Time later, you go to bed and toss and turn for a long time … it. So far, utterly exhausted and irritated, do not forget the short and restless sleep. The next day, you feel overwhelmed and have difficulty concentrating, but do not worry too much, considering that tonight will certainly sleep. Night comes, and the long-awaited dream – no. You panic, not knowing what was happening. Common situation?

Unfortunately, nowadays insomnia – business as usual. A sleep – doctors who treat sleep disorders, – say that at least 35% of the inhabitants of our planet suffer from one or another kind of insomnia. In industrialized countries, the percentage is inexorably approaching 50 – for the high standard of living have to pay night’s sleep. It is not surprising that some experts call the insomnia epidemic of the XXI century. If the situation is so serious, it does not prevent to understand the causes of insomnia, and most importantly, learn how to deal with it.

The Main Reasons of Insomnia

Chronic insomnia, which lasts intermittently whiter month, evidence of serious violations of the emotional nature or of any diseases. Here, self-care is inappropriate. Depression, neurosis, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease should be treated specialists. In these cases only sleep disorders underlying disease symptom. Eliminate the causes of – and normal sleep.

But there is another type of insomnia – temporary. It is familiar to most of us and can last from one to several nights, repeating for three weeks. Since it is quite possible to cope, but before would do well to establish the cause.

And among them, of course, lead stress. All hands on deck at work, family and financial difficulties, jetlag, or the need to work the night shift all this deprives us of full sleep.

However, stress can become a joyful event in life. You did or you finally got a welcome boost, and maybe you have moved into his own apartment – and that’s a reason to lose sleep from happiness.

External factors such as uncomfortable bed, heat, noise, and even snoring partner in life can also trigger a temporary insomnia.

How to Get Rid of Insomnia

How to Get Rid of Insomnia

How to Get Rid of Insomnia

Ways to combat insomnia there are a lot. Which one to choose? Everything depends on the reason why you do not sleep. For her, the main blow should be aimed. Take the most common cause of insomnia – stress. If you learn to cope with it will go, and insomnia. Methods of dealing with stress enough. You can choose to search for information on the Internet or the media, but you can make an appointment with a psychologist – you decide.

The ability to cope with daily challenges – an urgent need, which dictates our life. What does it mean that a relaxing bath, a glass of warm milk at night and other recommendations for combating insomnia is not effective? Not at all, but rather to complement than the basic treatment.

Unfortunately, many people react to minor troubles and serious problems with the same force. Agree grumpy neighbor complaints about your dog’s heritage after a walk on the stairs, and on the reduction of threatening you at work – things are not equivalent. If the latter really can seriously complicate your life, the first – worthy to forget about it in a minute, well, the way in five minutes, but forget. You know how you do it? Or are you even in bed mental dialogue will continue with a neighbor, proving her wrong?

Learn to leave the cares of the previous day for the bedroom threshold. In bed you they still can not decide, even if we are talking about a possible dismissal. Follow the example of Scarlet About Harrah’s and think about your problems tomorrow. It is possible that in the light of a new day, they do not seem insurmountable to you.

Sweet dreams and pleasant dreams!