Hair Remedies for Dandruff at Home

If dandruff often appears on hair, use the recipes for hair remedies, which I have gathered in this article. Here are just a time-tested natural products that don’t require the time and cost.

Homemade Masks for Dandruff – Recipes

1st Recipe of home hair remedies with Calendula

Mix the infusion pharmacy calendula and castor oil in the ratio of 1:1. Rub this mixture into scalp for 1 H before washing hair. Calendula tincture is not only able to normalize the sebaceous glands, but also hinder the development of fungi that cause dandruff. Regular use of this mixture will relieve you of dandruff and strengthen the hair.

2nd Recipe of home hair remedies with Onion Juice

If you have recently noticed at dandruff, use this recipe. Fresh onion juice and castor oil (a tablespoon), vodka (two tablespoons) – mix and rub into the roots of hair before washing the head. Continue treatment for at least three weeks. You can also simply rub onion gruel (rubbing onion through a fine grater). Keep it on the scalp for about two hours, then rinse shampoo.

3rd Recipe of home hair remedies with Marshmallow

Two tablespoons marshmallow seeds put in any quality vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) and heat the water bath for a couple for about 2 H. Before washing the head rub cooked oil into the roots of hair and skin. This procedure should be carried out every week for three – four months. Now take a one month break and repeat the entire course again.

4th Recipe of home hair remedies with Juice of Lemon

The mask of juice of lemon and olive oil for dandruff. Mix thoroughly and heat in a water bath tablespoon of juice of lemon and four tablespoons of olive oil quality. Rub mixture in the form of heat into scalp for 0,5 hour before shampooing. This mask can even save you from severe dandruff.

5th Recipe of home hair remedies with Oils

Mask dandruff with burdock and castor oil: it is necessary to mix a bit of fresh juice of lemon with two egg yolks and oil. Rub mixture into hair roots for 1 H before taking a bath. This mask, except that removes dandruff, gives yet the hair shine and volume.

6th Recipe of home hair remedies with Burdock Root

Quite effective mask with the addition of burdock root. Here is her recipe: pour a tablespoon of dried roots of burdock by any quality vegetable oil, then stir and leave to infuse for two weeks in a dark place. Then strain mixture through a sieve and use, causing her to wet hair and scalp for 1 H before washing hair.