Hair Natural Treatment: How to Dye Hair with Henna


  • How to Dye Hair with Henna? Basic Principles
  • How to Make a Hair Mask with Natural Means?
  • Best Recepies to Dye Hair with Henna
  • Hair Natural Treatment against Gray Hair

The stereotype that gray hair is the first harbinger of old age, is not valid in fact, as the first gray hairs appear often already in his youth. That’s just any woman always wants to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.

If you do not want to spoil hair with chemical dyes, you can also use homemade hair natural treatment. With the right approach, they will be not only effective, but also help to strengthen and improve the hair.

In this article, we tell how to make a hair mask with natural means.

How to Dye Hair with Henna? Basic Principles

The reduction of the hair pigmentation, which in fact is causing the gray hair, is absolutely impossible to stop. We can only slow down this process.

And women aged or for those who have a genetic predisposition to early gray hair is much easier to dye it. Using hair natural treatment, it is possible to disguise gray hair, and at the same time to strengthen and improve hair. If colorants are not allergic, then this disadvantage will not negatively impact on the health of the hair.

Selection of means for dyeing of gray hair depends on their natural color. Thus, the best option for brunettes considered Basma, and for light hair are more suitable Chamomile flowers. And those and others can use Henna.

These dyes, as well as many hair natural treatment do not act quickly, which is one of the major drawbacks of natural dyes – procedure must be repeated frequently, as their effect is short-lived.

Sometimes, to get results, you need to perform a dyeing process several times. But note that it is worth it, because at stake – your health and attractive appearance of your hair.

How to Make a Hair Mask with Natural Means?

Natural dyeing is the same as a conventional paint: prepared agent is applied first to the roots, and then the rest of the strands. After the applying of the film to cover.

A mixture of henna and basma is an universal means, to cover gray hair and strengthens it from the roots. The proportions of these substances depend on the desired result.

  1. So, to get a lighter shade you need to take henna twice more and keep for half an hour.
  2. You can obtain the hair slightly darker if you endure longer – up to one and a half hours.
  3. To dye hair much darker it is required one part of henna and three parts of basma. Keep the mask up to 3 hours.

Best Recepies to Dye Gray Hair with Henna

  • Dye Hair with Henna and Strong Tea

If you mix henna with strong tea and apply on blond hair, you will have light chestnut colour.

  • Dye Hair with Henna and Cocoa

With the combination of henna and cocoa (taking equal parts) you can not only mask the gray hairs, but also to give your hair rich mahogany hue.

hair natural treatment

Best Recepies to Dye Gray Hair with Henna

Hair Natural Treatment against Gray Hair

  • Dye Hair with Husk Walnut

Many brown-haired women use peel walnuts to dye the gray hair. The green husks (about 30 g) is mixed with olive oil (150 g) and burnt alum (50 g). This mask hold 15 minutes on the fire and cool down, applied to the hair. After 40 minutes, the mask is washed off and the hair was rinsed with water and vinegar.

  • Dye Hair with Tea and Coffee

A few days will not be even a hint of gray hair by using hair coloring with cocoa and coffee: strong black tea combined with soluble coffee or cocoa powder (in equal amounts), mixed and rubbed into the hair, spreading over the entire length. 30-40 minutes later, wash off.

  • Dye Hair with Onion Skin

Bright, slightly yellowish shade of hair is obtained if you paint your hair with onion peel. An additional advantage of this hair natural treatment – it reduces hair loss, significantly strengthening them.

Prepare coloring mask as follows: 25 gram of onion peel pour a glass of water and boil for 20 minutes. With the resulting broth daily moistened hair, till the gray hair is not lost, and the strands do not acquire the desired hue.

  • Dye Hair with Chamomile

For painting the gray hair, many blonde prefer the chamomile.

To prepare the dye mask take 100 grams of dried chamomile pour 300 ml boiling water (if you take more of dry grass, the color will be darker and more intense). Insist daisy about 40 minutes, then filter and wash the head with received infusion.