Hair Mask with Argan Oil: hair benefits and properties


  • Benefits Argan Oil for Hair Restoration.
  • How to Use Hair Mask with Argan Oil.
  • Recipes of Masks with Argan Oil.

Even the lovers of cosmetic oils, do not know about the existence of a wonderful remedy for most fragile, weak and thinning hair. They produce it from the argan – amazing tree that grows in Morocco. There it is called “iron”, because it is very durable and sturdy.

The fruits of this tree look like the famous olives. It is from them a wonderful oil, which is called the “gold of Morocco” is produced. Its widespread use in medicine and cosmetology allows the use this oil for hair beauty. Soft, light and fragrant hair mask with argan oil – healing agent for the weakened, damaged, brittle, thin strands. Only what you need to learn is to use it properly, and then you can achieve excellent results – soft and silky cascade of healthy hair.

Benefits Argan Oil for Hair Restoration

benefits argan oil

Hair Mask with Argan Oil: hair benefits and properties

The main benefits of argan oil is that this extract contains many active substances, which are necessary not only for outer beauty, but also for the health of hair. In the absence of allergy for the regular use, the homemade masks based on it, will provide the necessary curls care:

  • Tocopherol (vitamin A) runs in the damaged tissues for regeneration processes, so the hair mask with argan oil is a great means for reducing brittle, split ends, thinning hair;
  • Polyphenols have the smoothing properties, so one more of argan oil hair benefits, that it makes the strands silky, smooth and flat;
  • the anti-inflammatory properties, which are famous for Organic acids (purple, vanillic, ferulic) allow the argan oil to be a full-fledged drug, that is indicated for dandruff;
  • 70% of all substances, that are inside in argan oil – this Fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic), perform the safety function and increase resistance of hair to external harm;
  • Sterols is anti-aging substances, which are known for their ability to prevent early graying.

Hair mask with argan oil is recommended for hair recovery, if they need their moisture, nutrition, rehabilitation and strengthening. With the heat and the cold, it can act as a protective agent against intense desiccation and ultraviolet damage by low temperatures. Even to prevent graying and to treat a seborrhea the miraculous mask of argan oil can help evidently.

How to Use Hair Mask with Argan Oil

Hair mask with argan oil is rarely used in home cosmetology for two reasons: the expensive price and fear of fat, which is experienced by many women before oily substances. However, this means justifies its high cost and leaves no slightest hint of shine on the strands. It has a light texture, that distinguishes it from all other cosmetic oils. Even difficulties with flushing will not be if you know the little tricks on its application.

External application of argan oil due to the large number of biologically active substances in its composition can cause allergies. Therefore, any mask with it has to be tested for individual tolerance of the means. It’s enough to lubricate the inside of your wrist and watch for 2-3 hours for a reaction. The appearance of discomfort – a signal, that the hair mask with argan oil does not fit you.

Indications for the use of hair mask with argan oil are dry, brittle, split, thinned and weakened hair. If you use it to care for oily hair, their composition must include the drying ingredients, such as: egg whites, alcohol, lemon juice and others.

  1. Before using the argan oil is slightly warmed on steamed.
  2. Hair mask with argan oil can be applied on clean and dirty strands.
  3. It can be rubbed into the roots, it is lubricated into the curls, and you can wet hair tips with it also.
  4. Its effectiveness can be enhanced by creating a greenhouse effect: after applying put the shower plastic cap on the head and make the turban of terry towels.
  5. Duration of hair mask with argan oil is from 30 minutes to 1.5-2 hours. This depends on the activity of other components in the mask.
  6. Often after rinsing a part oil is still on the hair, and it creates the effect of fat. To avoid this, you must lather Shampoo directly on the hair, mix it with a mask. And after that can be washed off with warm water. The final chord the hair can be rinsed hair lemon water (a glass of lemon juice per liter of plain water) or a decoction of medicinal herbs.
  7. The course of treatment – from 10 to 15 treatments at a frequency of application 2 times a week.

Properly used, the mask of argan oil for hair can give pleasure and bring tangible, and most importantly – a significant benefit. Only need to find the right recipe.

Recipes of Masks with Argan Oil

hair mask with argan oil

Hair Mask with Argan Oil: hair benefits and properties

The price of argan extract is quite expensive, but it justifies the means with proper use in the home. Specified in the recipes are approximate and dosage adjusted depending on the length of the strands, which are applied argan oil.

  • Mask-Compress

In the form of heat the argan oil is applied to the hair, is distributed along the length of the tresses and is left under warm hat for several hours.

  • Mask-Balm

Moisten hands in warm argan oil and smooth the tresses. As any fast-running balm, this means does not require flushing.

  • Firming

Mix argan oil with burdock (or castor) in two tablespoons.

  • Moisturizing

Argan mix (one teaspoon), olive natural oil (two teaspoons), egg yolk, sage esters (5-7 drops), lavender (10 drops).

Regular use of homemade hair mask with argan oil – it is an excellent prevention and treatment with the most effective for damaged hair, that require recovery. Its healing properties allow to treat your hair without the salon procedures.