Hair Falling Out: What is Considered the Norm


  • What Manipulation May Lead to Hair Falling Out
  • What is Hair Loss Diagnosis
  • Cause for Hair Loss in Women

The number of hairs on the head of a person varies from 90 to 16 thousand. The hair falling out of dozens of hair per day is naturally. Daily hair loss – a normal phenomenon, if limited to a limit of 50-150 hairs a day. This difference in figures is related to the individual characteristics of the organism. You can count the number of hairs that remain on the brush at each combing.

In order to identify adverse trends, trichologist perform a special test. If it shows the presence of dark bulbs, the patient’s fears justified. In this case, delay of treatment is not worth it. Quantitative testing of “fallen hair” survey is provided on the neck and sideburns. Check the condition of the hair can be as follows: if in these areas a little pull on the hair, and will remain in your hands more than 5 hairs – in the face of clear signs of hair falling out. Before performing this test does not need to wash your head 3-4 days. After hair washing took place, you can begin testing. You should also pay attention to the hair ends: their “duality” – a clear indication that the required comprehensive treatment of hair.

What is Hair Loss Diagnosis

What is Hair Loss Diagnosis

What Manipulation May Lead to Hair Falling Out

The most common procedure in which the rate of hair loss is broken, are head massage, combing and washing. For those women who wash their hair every day, the loss is not so noticeable. However, if the hair wash 2 times a week, the number of lost hair left in the bathroom, it may well cause a shock. If the number of fallen hairs over a hundred, you should be wary and take measures to strengthen the roots. However, in general, this phenomenon is normal for those who use water treatments less frequently. A hair loss within a few days after washing will not be intense. It is wrong assumption, though shampoo can cause the loss of curls. This is not true, since in the process of washing the hairs leaving those which have previously dropped.

When combing the hair, the comb affects the skin of the head, and bulbs, respectively, and if there is a problem with hair loss, they will manifest themselves clearly in this situation. Needless combing also can not be the cause of loss of hair, unless of course, not to carry out the process unnecessarily in active form. This is especially true of women: combing her long hair, they can inadvertently damage the hair structure, which has a negative impact on his future. In addition, experts recommend to use the combs with teeth sparse and only from natural materials. Moreover, it is useful not only for children but also for women and men.

Also, check the status of hair can be achieved by examination of pillows, where a person sleeps. If there is the whole hair will be found – you should consult to trichologist immediately.

What Hair Loss Diagnosis

Every hair on the head has an individual life cycle, which is an average of 3 years. During this period, the length of curls is added to about 1.3 cm per month. After volosiny life cycle comes to an end, it is pushed new growing hair. So there is hair falling out. In this case, at the end of hair can be observed the white bulb. The daily rate of this process may vary under the influence of several factors, but on average it should not be more than 150 hairs a day. The worry here is not to be: the phenomenon even positive: there is evidence that hair is updated and growing.

But both women and men should alert the following facts:

  • fallen hair with not white, but dark roots. This may be one of the signs of baldness, so without the help of a specialist can not do;
  • hair loss does not occur. This means that the hair simply stopped growing, which is an even bigger problem than the loss;
  • lost hair does not have a thickening. Here we have a different problem – fragility curls. The reason for this can be perm, hair coloring, frequent use of hair dryers. Treat the problem should be different than the loss, which is very often the cause of the negative reviews about the customer of a product for the treatment of hair;
  • the rate of hair loss exceeded.

The daily rate of hair loss is also determined their true color. For example, a red-haired female hairs thicker than that of women with a shade of blond. White natural curls by nature endowed with such unfavorable factors as the fineness. However, blondes have more hair on the head, rather than brown ones, and therefore the percentage of lost hair in a day will be uneven.

Cause for Hair Loss in Women

The entire list of the factors which may entail hair falling out, can be divided into two groups: external and internal.

Cause for Hair Loss in Women

Cause for Hair Loss in Women

The external causes include:

  • Bad ecology

This concerns not only the air, but also water, which contains chlorine, alkali metals. In order to avoid problems with the fallout of hair, the latter need to be strengthened. It will be useful to use an indelible makeup every day. It will be necessary to create a protective layer;

  • Incorrect colouring

If you colour your head of hair salon, the problems with loss should not arise. But at home hairdresser amateur may entail a number of negative effects on the state of hair in the future;

  • Frequent use of styling

Poor-quality hair care products. Here, women should be the golden rule: give your tresses a break, and not be in the hairstyles 24 hours a day;

  • Some hairstyles are strongly tightened

Spike, pigtails, or normal beam, which are so often seen in children in the garden, can trigger hair loss. Despite the fact that this is a temporary phenomenon and exhausted after a change of hairstyle. Still, it is not necessary to experiment with this kind of hairstyle every day.

  • Head injury

Physical damage to the surface of the head can cause poor circulation, which will condition the level of oxygen to the scalp cells significantly below normal.

The main internal factors are:

Taking medicines. This applies not only to antibiotics, but also antidepressants, contraceptives;

  • Hormonal disorders

This is one of the main causes of hair loss in children adolescence, when their bodies are full of hormones. The main cause of baldness in men and in women may be a surplus of testosterone in the blood. In the treatment of the disease requires a comprehensive approach and consultation with several specialists at once;

  • Poor nutrition

Which is a consequence of deficiency of important minerals and vitamins. Repair is possible by means of a balanced diet, which should be observed every day, either by receiving food supplements;

  • The postpartum period

This is a temporary phenomenon, and the inevitable. The daily rate of hair loss, which outlived its life cycle may be exceeded several times. But gradually, the body returns to normal.

In general, the amount of hair lost per day is an excellent indicator of the internal state of the organism. After the scalp cells are among the first to respond to those or other infringements. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the fact of hair loss, and try to find out the true cause of this process.