Hair Falling Out from Stress: Tips for Different Situations


  • Short-Term Stress
  • Long Psychological Pressure
  • Treatment of Hair Loss
  • How not to Lose Hair

Hair falling out from stress can be caused by a rad factors: it’s very emotional experience, and changes in the biochemistry of the post-it and long organism exhaustion. That’s why, before we talk about effective treatment, it is necessary to think about the reasons that caused the hair loss, and analyze your particular situation.

If you regularly get nervous, then this picture is just around the corner!

Short-Term Stress

Stress and hair loss are related very closely, however, this connection can be of two types:

In the first case, the problem arises after a short, but very intense experience what is a cause for hair loss in women.
The second voltage due to the long change the metabolism in the body, and the consequence is a partial, or even complete baldness.

Against the background of strong emotions or persistent fatigue can develop so-called trichotillomania – obsessive desire to pull their own hair.

In this case, treatment of hair loss because of stress is impossible without qualified psychological and sometimes neurological care.

Let’s look at the two cases in detail, and then we will understand what to do if hair fall out from the stress in each situation.

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Hair Falling Out from Stress

Hair Falling Out from Stress

We begin with an analysis of “one-off” emotions:

Owners of dogs and cats are well aware of how animal hair reacts to danger: hair literally stood on end. In humans, such a reaction is less pronounced, but the instinct “to lift the hair to appear more and worse” is still here. Here lies the source of the problem.

The hair shaft is raised due to the impact of the so-called involuntary muscle, which is attached at one end to the skin, and the other – to the hair follicle. And all would do, but with a sharp reduction of muscle follicle is compressed, and the root of the hair can be severely damaged, up to the knee.

Even if the rod is not dropped immediately, it may crack or fracture, and therefore hair loss due to stress becomes a matter of a few hours.

In less severe stress hair itself remains intact, but the follicle is still injured. After that, he may not provide complete nutrition of hair, and the rod falls within a few days.

If the hair fell out immediately – it’s just not the worst option.
Where trouble if damaged follicles continue to function without being replaced by healthy, and of them grow thin and lifeless rods.

Long Psychological Pressure

With prolonged emotional discomfort is observed a different picture:

Long-term fatigue and overexertion can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Against the background of nervous tension oppressed many physiological processes, including digestion and circulation.

The disorder of the gastrointestinal tract leads to the fact that the body does not receive sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And it does not depend on the diet: food quality simply can not be digested.

Problems with the cardiovascular system leading to insufficient blood supply to organs, including the scalp. As a consequence, it inhibited the work of the hair follicles, leading to the formation of thin and brittle rods, not withstand even minimal stress.

Finally, stimulation of the nervous system is reflected in the work of the endocrine glands, in the first place – the pituitary and adrenal glands. Reduces the production of estrogen, which is responsible for the activation of hair follicles.

The reasons for the emergence of such a picture can be many.

Estrogen – a female sex hormones, which, however, there in the male body. Offset ratio of estrogens and androgens (male hormones) leads to progressive baldness.

It is for these reasons that the hair falls out due to stress, having a long-term nature. And here to improve the situation we have to try very hard, because the main challenge is to eliminate the dysfunction of internal organs. He coped with this task, you can be sure that over time, the scalp is restored, if not in the same volume, at least partially.

Treatment of Hair Loss

If the causes that cause this phenomenon, all more or less clear, but now it’s time to figure out what to do – if the hair fall out after the stress.

  • Stimulating serum

When the nervous stress is one-off, the situation is simplified:

For a healthy body treatment of hair loss from stress, as such, requires little or no if to avoid the recurrence of situations and to lead a healthy lifestyle, then everything will return to normal within one month.

If you’re wondering how to quickly regain the beauty, it is recommended to use shampoos and serums that stimulate the activity of the follicles. Also, to help folk remedies: masks based on red pepper, mustard, cinnamon, yogurt or rinse decoction of herbs.

But if the problem is developed on the background of long-term nervous exhaustion, then with his own hands will be much more difficult to handle.

The most reasonable way will appeal to physicians:

Firstly, you need to pass a comprehensive analysis to monitor the status of the main functional systems. This analysis should show what problems are most pressing. Treatment of hair loss from stress to start with high-quality diagnostics. Then, on the advice of a doctor should take medication, targeted at bringing in the digestion rate, blood circulation, nervous system, etc. This process can be quite lengthy, but to pass it completely is necessary. Some drugs can provoke an even more active hair loss due to its toxicity.

You should consult with your doctor prioritize treatment: possibly will find a gentle combination.

At some point, you can mark not only the improvement of health, but also the partial restoration of hair. Instructions in this case is not recommended to stop taking drugs and performing procedures, as this could lead to a sharp deterioration.

  • Vitamin complex for restoration of hair

At the final stage is to pay close attention to hair. To do this, take a multivitamin preparations (vitamins B, A, E and minerals – calcium, zinc, selenium, silicon).

You carry out the procedure, strengthening and restoring hair growth – cryotherapy, vacuum treatment, ultraviolet irradiation, massage the scalp.

Treat the hair preparations that contain natural stimulants and antiseptics: tea tree oil, castor oil, honey, natural tar.

It is also quite effective in reducing the special shampoos. It is important not to try to save: a low price usually indicates a questionable composition.

How not to Lose Hair

A significant role in the response to the question of how not to lose hair after stress, plays a description of preventive measures:

The first thing to do to minimize destructive effects on the nervous system. To do this is to analyze the schedule, set aside enough time to rest and sleep, perhaps – to revise the priorities in the work process.

Hair Falling Out from Stress

Hair Falling Out from Stress

Not be amiss and professional help if cope with nervous tension alone can not, you can turn to a psychologist for advice.

  • Yoga – an excellent remedy for excessive stress

Also useful may be some drugs that have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. They can be divided into two groups – stimulating and soothing.

Assign these drugs should a doctor.

Independent selection of drugs can lead to unpredictable consequences of the neuroses to depression.

Finally, you need to make changes to the way of life: to spend more time in the fresh air, to increase locomotor activity, fully fed. But alcohol is better to exclude almost entirely: it does not remove the effects of stress, but only aggravates them. And for the liver extra work would be completely useless.

The fresh air and physical activity help to resist nervous exhaustion.

Rules, like, simple, but for some reason, to comply with them, problems with hair appear only in old age.


We hope that you find the above answers to questions about how to stop hair loss after stress, and what to do for a speedy recovery hairstyles in the same volume.

It should be remembered that rapid hair loss is a very alarming symptom, and so it’s worth taking the time to identify and eliminate the causes, causes this phenomenon – and then the result will be virtually guaranteed. For more details on the issues raised we recommend that you review the video in this article.


The problem of hair loss in one degree or another everyone is facing in the floor of independence. The current quality of the environment, the constant pressure of work and the unbalanced diet further worsen the condition of the scalp and hair. As a result, they fade, lose their strength and volume, are cut, break off and fall. To improve your hair stop falling and accelerate the growth-trichologists doctors recommend to use this means.