Hair Falling Out During Shampooing


  • Main Cause for Hair Loss in Women
  • Prevent Hair Loss for Women
  • Treatment of Hair Loss

Hair has a very important role in the formation of an attractive image of both men and women. They have always played a big role in creating a stylish image and great attention was paid to the hair and all kinds of headgear. Previously, the presence of hair problems associated with the loss or thinning curls managed to hide them easier than it is now. We are talking about a tradition as wearing wigs. It is noteworthy that this fashion was developed by both men and women.

Moreover, Renaissance ladies almost completely hid the hair, so the hair falling out was not so tragic. It is logical to assume that the artificial hair wigs practically not require special care, so the problems associated with their wash almost non-existent. In addition, the hair in a wig or hair specifically sprinkled through various means such as powder, which was not only fashionable at the time, but it was considered a sign of wealth and success.

Main Cause for Hair Loss in Women

Main Cause for Hair Loss in Women

Main Cause for Hair Loss in Women

Time does not stand still, so now the situation with the quality of the hair has changed significantly. In the modern world on the hair – their structure and growth – many factors are influenced.

  • To create an image of a successful woman, women often use styling products. Naturally, this leads to the need for frequent washing of the head, as after application of various cosmetic products hair lost opportunity to “breathe”, which leads to pollution and unpleasant sensations in the head.
  • Furthermore, application to hair mousses, gels or varnish leads to the fact that while wearing hairstyles, the atmospheric dust settles, further contaminate the head and harm the skin.
  • Making hairstyle is carried out through the use of thermal methods. This is also reflected on the condition of hair and the scalp and can lead to unpleasant consequences such as dandruff or peeling.
  • Hair falling out can be caused by chemical effects, aimed at changing their color or cardinal change of color. After using cheap paint and tinting hair balms become stiff, brittle, lose their natural elasticity.

All these effects together can cause for hair loss in women.

Prevent Hair Loss for Women

In the process of washing the hair can be seen that after treatment with healing balms and masks, hair loss is not diminished. This effect is caused by the fact that the care of the hair must be comprehensive. So do not expect an increase in volume or density hair only after applying or looking after medical cosmetics. The fact that the external agents only affect the hair itself actually, while the supply of a complete set of the hair follicle nutrients by passing the food containing the set and mineral nutrients.

The human body gets the necessary minimum of these substances with food, but because of malnutrition or seasonal changes in the diet may change, resulting in the need for additional intake of nutrients, such as vitamins B, affect the condition of hair.

Prevent Hair Loss for Women

Prevent Hair Loss for Women

According to the medical point of view, whose profile of knowledge lies in Trichology, hair falling out when shampooing – is a consequence of weakening of hair follicles. This effect is usually caused by the failure of their trophism. In addition, the loss may be due to wearing tight or cramped or tight hats, tightening long hair into a knot. In most of these cases, the problem caused by dragging of the skin, which impairs its blood supply leading to lack of power. At the same time, if the girl finds a lot of hair on the bottom of the bath, it should be borne in mind that hair falling out of a healthy person to a 100 hairs a day – this is normal.

Therefore, hair falling out when washing is not yet a reason to sound the alarm and talk about the future baldness. At the same time this number (100) per day, not for a single hair loss. Therefore, if the precipitated after shampooing hair count more than 70 units, it makes sense to change the cosmetics, do massage the skin, caring purchase homeopathic remedies that are checked by many generations of women. In addition, you can use the recipes that recommend by beauticians and trichologists.

Treatment of Hair Loss

At the same time, the greatest benefit a woman can bring to her hair when she will optimize her diet and will see to it that there was a maximum of useful substances for her health. It is also useful to simply relax, unwind, or to change the situation, because, often, excessive hair falling out is due to reasons related to the emotional perception of reality.

However, when seen serious hair loss (more than a 100 per day), accompanied by their thinning, there is every reason to believe that a woman has hair falling out. When washing the problem is more noticeable, because in the course of this action is an active massaging the scalp. This leads to the fact that the weakened hair follicles lose their hair, which are deposited on the hands or elsewhere.

Upon detection of such problems, there is a need to turn to those skilled in the treatment of hair – trichologist. Doctors prescribe a series of analyzes aimed at clarifying the hormonal and vitamin deficiency detected. As a rule, in large woman can lose hair due to sudden stress, including labor, as a result of chronic stress at sharp change their traditional way of life, and also because of the deterioration of the trophism of hair follicles.

It is noted that hair fall differently in women that in men. As a rule, the fair sex are characterized by diffuse hair loss, so the loss is immediately from all areas of the head. At the same time, this hair loss is treatable quite different and medication, and folk remedies. In addition, quite often it happens that the simple replacement of the cosmetic and caring means can achieve quite amazing results.