Green Tea Properties Benefits

Probably many have heard about many green tea properties benefits, among them accelerate metabolism and loss of excess weight.

Due to its diuretic, anti-oxidant properties and vitamin content of agreen tea is often used in various fields of medicine. So, green tea worldwide successfully used inmany regimes and diets, as well as many anti-aging face creams.

Some experts say that greentea reduces arisk of cancer, especially cancer of the stomach and colon.

Green Tea Properties Benefits

Unlike other teas, for thepreparation of greentea, the tea-leaves are left to ferment. After collecting their once dried, thereby obtaining agreen tea with a lower content of theine. Due to its low level of theine , greentea is much less exciting than black.
Another consequence of drying the harvested tea leaves, is that greentea has ahigh vitamin content. Tea is rich in vitamins A, B , E, C and various minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Green Tea

Green Tea – Positive Properties Benefits

  • Combats theeffects of aging –

Green tea is known as an effective means to combat theeffects of aging . For this reason , itis one of themain ingredients for the new body lotions and anti-wrinkle creams . Green tea helps protect theskin from harmful environmental factors , excess sunlight , fighting free radicals.

  • Diuretic and detoxifying effect –

Another positive effectof greentea is adiuretic and detoxifying effect. Thus, the green tea hasbeen successfully used in diets for weightloss. If you regularly drink greentea can maintain low cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • Reduces therisk of tooth decay –

Another substance that isfound in greentea is fluoride, which helps to maintain healthy teeth. If you drink acup of greentea every day, therisk of caries halved.

  • Regulates digestion –

Another well-known effectof greentea is alaxative effect that it has. Greentea is recommended by doctors for chronic constipation.

  • Tonic effect –

although it has much lower level of theine than black tea, greentea has toning effect and isused in treatment of chronic fatigue. As more effective than coffee.

Tincturation Green Tea

To prepare an infusion of greentea needed aliter of water and 1teaspoon of green tealeaves. Bring water to aboil, and when itcomes to aboil remove from heat and add green tea. Infuse the tea for about 10 minutes, but no more, as the high concentration of theine can have atoxic effect. If you can not stand the strong taste of tea, you can make a pleasant combination of adding two teaspoons of honey and lemon slice in each cup of greentea.

Drink Green Tea!

To protect against freeradicals and the environment inorder tomaintain the tone and health, you need todrink atleast 1cup of green tea aday. If you are on a diet, the greentea canbe used asan adjuvant. In this case, you should drink 3-4cups of green tea aday. Diuretic and detoxifying effect helps you loseweight quickly. It is recommended todrink tea in themorning and at lunch, as otherwise it can lead to insomnia.