Good Hair Dye: How to Choose a Hair Dye?


  • How to Choose a Hair Dye? 
  • Good Hair Dye without Ammonia. 
  • How to Dye Hair?
  • Good Hair Dye: Overview

Almost every woman at least once in her life experimented with her looks, especially with the change of hair color. The fickle nature every time pushes the women to change something in themselves. Experiments can be successful and not. To fit perfectly, it is important to get serious about the choice of good hair dye. Just so, you get a nice shade of hair and keep them healthy.

Women’s hair – it’s part of the image, by which every woman looks stylish and attractive. Just like a new haircut, the new hair color is able to change her beyond recognition. At the same time we must not forget, that the quality of hair dye should be high.

How to Choose a Hair Dye?

All hair dyes are divided into three main groups:

  • natural
  • chemical
  • physical
good hair dye

Good Hair Dye: How to Choose a Hair Dye?

Most popular natural dyes – are henna and basma. Impact of such dyes on the hair is not only for coloring, but also in maintaining health and shine.

Since the natural dyes can not lighten your hair, for this use are chemical dyes. Today is easier to buy a chemical hair dye: the color palette is very large, so every woman can choose something for herself. The principle of action of these dyes – it is the interaction of hydrogen peroxide with the organic metal compounds (lead salts, copper or silver). That is why, the chemical dyes are also called oxidation. Due to the oxidation reaction the coloring pigments penetrate into the hair – the coloring is made.

Physical hair dye do not come in reaction with keratin, so they hold on the hair not very long time. This paint can not change the original color and the color of gray hair – it only gives the desired hue for curls. Usually, a shampoo or foam are used for this.

Good Hair Dye without Ammonia

Today the particular attention is paid to the enough popular coloring without ammonia. Ammonia, which is composed in hair dye, is needed to entrench the color well. But it has a negative effect on the health of the hair and destroys the structure of the hair. So, now more and more manufacturers are betting on without ammonia paint. For example, Inoa from Loreal – hair dye based on a special gel-fixer. Oleo, which replaces ammonia, and reinforces the desired color.

How to Dye Hair?

Take into account your original color. In fact, you can easily select a hair dye as a palette of colors will help you in this. Colors shown on the map: next to the original hair color there ia a hair color after dyeing. Find your shade, and decide whether it will suit you.

At first time of coloring is better to opt for closer to your hair shade. Fundamentally changing your image is not worth, it is very difficult to regain their original hair color, if you do not like something.

Good Hair Dye: Overview


L’Oreal is a good hair dye, which is ideal both for normal and for gray hair. Gray hair coverage is guaranteed to be 100%. Moreover, after dyeing the hair become more expressive and acquire natural shine.
Pricing policy is quite acceptable, so almost every woman will be able to afford a means of brand Loreal: hair dyes are available in several series, all products are of high quality.

Relatively a new product is means for coloring – Casting Creme Gloss by L’Oreal – hair dye contains a new patented caring complex. It stains the hair and at the same time strengthens them doing curls soft and shiny. The set also comes balm with green tea extract and aloe vera. After using this dye the hair is pleasant to touch and radiate health.

Optimal gray coverage, radiant and vibrant color, iridescent sheen and persistent staining – all this can be applied to hair dye Loreal – a palette of colors will help you choose the most suitable color.

good hair dye

Good Hair Dye: How to Choose a Hair Dye?


Hair Dye Garnier is created by using modern technology and expertise, so it is safe to say, that the product combines two objectives: to achieve perfect hair color and the preservation of their health.
In the manufacture of hair dyes Garnier uses natural active ingredients that can improve the quality of the product. Each kit includes a special set of paints for hair care after dyeing. Color palette is wide enough, so pick the right shade is not difficult.

For those who only want to saturate the natural hair color, fit garnier hair color without ammonia. Garnier Color Shine – it’s semi-permanent dye, whose main objective is to add shine to hair and saturate the already existing color. The effect of coloring is noticeable up to 6 weeks. According to experts of garnier hair dye series Color Shine optimally paint over his gray hair. Bezammiachnoy paint palette includes 16 shades.


For resistant staining, as well as intensive toning often used the company’s product Estel – hair dye has a creamy texture, so well and evenly paints hair. In addition, due to soft consistency is easy to apply on your hair even at home.

Estelle hair dye gray hair paints well, while providing a vivid and rich colors. Staining result is always great and makes happy for a long time. Today popular means from the company Estel hair dye called Estel Essex. In the main palette includes 74 colors. Online you can see products such Estelle: hair dye bleaching series, special red tones, creative tone, color highlighting, highlighting the contrast and shading, as well as proofreaders.


To date, the most popular product from Schwarzkopf is a good hair dye – Perfect Mousse, which does not contain ammonia. This is the first stable means for coloring in the form of a mousse. The main advantage of this paint – easy to use.

Mousse is easy to apply, carefully influences hair and permanently retains intense color. Remedy Schwarzkopf hair dye Perfect Mousse is a pleasure to use, because it does not spread out. In addition, this dye is excellent for the gray hair.


Many women have heard about the procedure of glazing hair. Today, it is quite possible to make at home using Matrix hair dye. Glazing covers the curls with special composition for their recovery and nutrition.
In compliance with the recommendations, that are listed in the instructions, color or colorless glazing is fairly easy, and the result exceeds all expectations. It is also important to note, that hair dye matrix effect glazing can change the hair color only two tones. The Color Sync does not contain ammonia and nutrients, that entered into its structure, improve the structure of hair.


Wella Hair Dye is created specially for you, if you decide to change the color of your hair or give them a new hue. Containing herbal extracts Wella color paint made ​​based balm cream, which simultaneously improves the structure of hair coloring. Of the 18 shades of paint, you can choose any. Dyeing, bleaching, highlighting – whatever you decide to do, you will find a great result – deep and rich colors, natural shades of soft and delicate hair.

We hope that companies of all varieties, colors and shades of paint you will pick the most appropriate, and the result of staining will not disappoint you.