Good Exercises for Your Abs

Here there are some simple and good exercises for your ads to tighten the tummy and lose weight.

It is better to do them before to eat or after the meal, at least with 2 hours break.

After 3 months of regular training you will catch the admiring glances.

And your girlfriends will ask enviously how you managed to make your figure so quickly and beautifully.

The exercises have to be done slowly and you need to push more strongly on the press zone.

You have to repeat each exercise near 20 times.

1. Squat. Start with 20 squats. Back straight, abs tight.

2. Side bends. 20 times and a number of approaches.

3. Lying on the side up your legs on the level of 90 degrees to the body. Do them to 20 times on each side within a few approaches. This is the most effective exercise.

4. Lying on the floor, put your hands behind your head. Pedaling. Exercise is very effective for the stomach.

5. Exercises with hoop are very good to burn belly fat.

Do these 5 exercises every day like a rule. After one month you will notice the good changes with your belly and very soon you will have beautiful shape.

And eat less the sweets…

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