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The example from experience:

I have been asking many times my beauty secrets to stay in a good form and to look more younger then my age.

That’s why I have decided to create this blog and share with women my methods to keep myself in good health and nice form.

If you want to get free daily health tips which I use you are welcome!

I will be 42 years in April 2013. But 5 years ago, I detected that I had a lot of problems with my health. Moreover, I am always very frustrated overweight and poor appearance. My family is already very accustomed that the last time I practice my health seriously.

Looking ahead, I would say that now at my height of 1 meter 74 cm and my age of 41 years old, I weigh about 53 kg.

Besides the appearance of wrinkles – “crow’s feet” and strong hair loss caused me to give this full attention and time, because the constant use of vitamins did not give any results.

This does not mean that they do not need to be taken. It’s still evidence that their presence in my body no longer has the desired effect. And to the question, “Why” I had spent 3 months to read the information and 1 year improving my health to stop the deterioration. And now, I would like to share all my daily health and wellness tips with your.

At the beginning, I want to say that I do not smoke and have never smoked. Simply, this habit has health “invaluable” and the female person in particular. Therefore, my dear friends, I want to draw your attention to this. And then you decide …
I will describe only the sequence of steps and, where I was, because the full discription can take a lot of time and place.

Moreover, about all the methods and means, you can read in internet.

1. So, I started with the most important, with cleansing the body. If you think or someone will say that this is nonsense, I can assure you that this is a profound mistake. My mom always explained to me many things, and there was a devotee of folk methods in that it is a pharmacist by training, a pharmacist and worked all her life in the industry. So, I did not have much time to change my skepticism and get to work.

In a dirty body you never make drastic improvements. And the first – is the cleaning of the intestine. They are many kinds of them. This can be done procedurally in the clinic or can be done at home with the help of enemas. If you have severe illness or bowel / other agencies you must consult with your doctor, see contraindications.

Further, the gradual clearing major organs and systems: liver, kidneys, lymph, and so on.

For everything I used the traditional methods.
My experience:
– Cleaning of the intestine (procedure Shunk Prakshalana or Varisara. Tibetan monks were very smart people, turns out). The first 2 weeks to 2 treatments per week, every 2-3 days. Next 1 treatment per week, total of 10 procedures. Total time of 2 months;
– Cleaning of the liver (folk remedies: olive oil + lemon juice + water bottle). 2 treatments spaced a week;
– Cleaning the kidneys (herbal teas + fir oil). Duration about 2 weeks.
– Clear lymph (Glauber’s salt + + citrus mix hot shower) Duration 3 days.
Only after the first treatment of Varisara many visible improvements begin, particularly incredible easiness in the body.

To be continue…