Gelatin is what Makes Your Hair Soft and Shiny

Hair is a wealth of every woman. Beautiful woman with a mop of luxurious hair attracts attention involuntarily, or can become the mysterious femme fatale in a man’s life. But modern ecology, shampoos and styling detrimental effect on our hair, promote premature hair loss and loss of shine.

How can we bring back beautiful hair?

– Hair mask with gelatin is what makes your hair soft and shiny!

It is enough only to look at the photo of a girl who uses this gelatin mask regularly. These recipes were found by me on the russian women’s forum.

Recipes Hair Masks with Gelatin

Probably every woman has the ordinary gelatin in the kitchen. So, it’s hard to believe, but the same gelatin can create a miracle with your hair. The hair will become shiny. The quantity of hair will increase markedly. And, this effect is preserved for a long time.

1st Recipe for Hair Mask is quite simple:

  • Mix the gelatin with warm water; 2 tablespoons of gelatin for 2/3 parts of the water;
  • Give the gelatin to swell, and then the mixture was spread on the hair, wrap up a plastic bag and wash off after half an hour with plenty of water;
  • Not dry the hair too much;
  • To maintain the results you need to make such a mask one day a week.

2nd Recipe gives you the advice how to make the mask with gelatin, which you will not need to keep the hair for a long time:

  • Take the same 2 tablespoons of gelatin;
  • Fill them with 1/3 cup cool water (if you want you can replace the water extract of different herbs such as nettle, burdock), mix thoroughly compiled;
  • Here also add 1/3 cup of your favorite shampoo;
  • Fueled by all of this mixture in a water bath until such time as the gelatin to dissolve and the mask will acquire a smooth consistency;
  • Leave it for some time to form a jelly;
  • You will need to wash your hair in the usual way, leaving the mixture on wet hair, approximately 5 minutes, then rinse everything thoroughly.

The Effect which is to Be Expected from a Hair Mask with Gelatin

Gelatin is what makes your hair soft and shiny

If you are tired of looking for a shampoo that will return a youthful volume to your hair or even the health, the gelatin is easy and very affordable means with which you will achieve unprecedented results.

A miracle will happen and hair gets a “second life.” Previously, I explained how to make a mask of gelatin, but you may ask “what is the power,” where do come such metamorphosis. In fact, gelatin contains many proteins that promote hair growth, strengthen hair and restore its beauty and health.

Thus, at home you can do what the popular salons offer for a lot of money. The secret is simple: the properties of gelatin, which have a positive effect on your nails, have long been known. Hair is substantially identical nails. So, gelatin – is the “building” material, which is able to make them beautiful, healthy, young and strong.

I gave you valuable advice and I want to hear live up to your expectations result if you got the desired effect of the mask? Your feedback is valuable to me, remember that a few words can positively or negatively affect the decision to make a mask for hair with gelatin for others.