Facial Masks Recipes with Rice

Delicate skin is able to brighten any woman; beautiful, smooth and velvety skin rejuvenates and gives femininity. Have the delicate skin miraculous ancient masks for our face will help us.

How to have soft skin? – Healthful Facial Masks Recipes with Rice

1st Mask with Rice and Milk

Recipe for healing facials: the need to take 0,5 of a cup of white rice and cook until tender, drain the broth in a an other bowl, wash rice and add two tablespoons of warm milk, followed by a grind it to a smooth consistency, add one tablespoon of honey, cool.

Masks should be applied for 20 or 30 minutes to the face and neck with a thick layer, then carefully remove the mask and wash congee.

Regular use of the facial mask will make your skin soft and velvety.

2nd Mask with Rice and Cabbage

This mask is best suited to those with combination skin. By the way it is found more often.

For the preparation of face masks, our main ingredient has to be prepared for the beginning, namely, 1 tablespoon rice pour boiling water and leave the lid on for 2 hours. From the leaves of cabbage to make a slurry, the easiest way to do this using a blender.

So, chop the cabbage leaves in a blender and mix the resulting mass with already swollen rice. Face mask of rice is put with a thick layer on the skin for about 15 minutes.

After this time rinse with warm water, then rinse with tepid. As necessary, you can apply a moisturizing cream.

3rd DIY White Rice MASK – VIDEO